Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: 6 Must-Have Kitchen GadgetsCupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: 6 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

By Nicole Maher 

Whether we are scrolling through social media or walking down an aisle in the grocery store, we are constantly presented with new “must-have” kitchen gadgets that claim to make our cooking experiences easier. With so many options, it can be hard to determine which of these gadgets are actually helpful. Below are a few that will actually make your cooking experience more enjoyable and have you recreating all of your favorite food trends in no time. 

Check out these six must-have kitchen gadgets that will help you create all of the newest food trends.

1. Air fryer: One small kitchen appliance that has seen an increase in popularity recently is the air fryer. Whether you are just learning how to cook, trying to save time, or looking for new ways to prepare food, air fryers seem to be the new go-to kitchen gadget. These small appliances are great for cooking smaller pieces of food, such as chopped vegetables or thin pieces of chicken, quickly without needing to turn on the oven. They also often come with a removable pan that makes cleaning up quick and easy.

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2. Portable blender: Lightweight portable blenders are the new way to go for making smoothies on the run. While many people may have a full-sized blender in their kitchens, these portable blenders are the perfect size to throw in your gym bag or purse. Toss your smoothie supplies right into the blender before you leave the house and mix them during your lunch break or after a workout for a fresh smoothie. These portable blenders also come with USB chargers, so they can be charged right from your computer during the day.

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3. Soda maker: Small kitchen appliances such as soda or drink makers are perfect for adding variety to your drink selection without buying large cases of different drinks. These soda makers are often great solutions for people living in apartments who may not have the kitchen space for multiple bottles or cans of soda. These machines work by adding a flavored mix into water and carbonating the drink, making it into your favorite kind of soda!

4. Magnetic spices: Magnetic spices are also a great solution for someone living in an apartment who may not have a lot of cabinet space. These small spice containers come with a magnetic lid that allows them to stick onto your fridge or the side of your stove. Magnetic spices are also a good option if there are certain spices that you don’t use as regularly, as the containers are usually small so you won’t have an excessive amount of one spice. 

5. Reusable K-cups: If you are trying to incorporate more reusable items into your daily routine, or simply have too many coffee flavors to try, reusable K-cups are a kitchen must-have. These cups allow you to make any type of brew in a coffee machine that requires a pod, and can be easily washed and reused later. They are the perfect addition to your kitchen to help you recreate all of the newest coffee trends!

6. Electric egg cooker: Another small kitchen appliance that is perfect for saving time is an electric egg cooker. These products cook six to ten hard-boiled eggs quickly and use much less water than is needed to boil eggs in a pot. Whether you are looking to cook a few eggs for breakfast or have some to add into a salad later on, electric egg cookers are a great way to whip out a set of hard-boiled eggs easily and without creating a mess in the kitchen.

What are some other kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable? Start a conversation in the comments below!