Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Prime Examples of Extravagant Celebrity LivesCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Prime Examples of Extravagant Celebrity Lives

A home says much about the owner. And while all of us have different tastes and preferences, we all have that typical thing that pops up every time we have a conversation. The same could be said of celebrities who have invested in the most luxurious amenities the world could offer. We all follow these celebrities, at least one of them. So we are all familiar with the glamorous lifestyles, dreamy vacations, high-end cars, and expensive clothes these celebrities own. Celebrity homes are the apex of unmatched luxury and comfort. And it doesn’t end at the magnificent designs and appealing designs. Other than our poor baking skills and penchant for wine, the other thing that gets us excited is a uniquely done mansion with a state of the interior art designs. From a private traversing valley to an entire room dedicated to spa and massage, a golf course to a skate park, celebrities are treating us to some very unique and intriguing home features.

Here are some of the most luxurious amenities many celebrities have within their homes.

1. Wine Rooms

It isn’t easy to find a celebrity who doesn’t love partying. And even if you find one, they still find time to have their favorite drinks. For most of these celebrities, the party doesn’t end at the bars and pubs. The wine lovers who can’t just get enough of the wine from the counter have instead equipped their homes with outstanding facilities to preserve and serve their favorite wines. Wine rooms have now become an essential feature within the homes of most of these celebrities. A look at a few of these rooms reveal the intricate display walls for bottles and specifically designed bars for serving beverages. Other celebrities have even gone to the extent of making their wine rooms stand out from the rest. For instance, renowned celebrities whose custom entry doors will welcome you to glass-cased wine rooms will provoke underwater views of the calm pool.

2. Home Theatres That Bring Movie Nights Home

Forget about those crunchy fries and marinated chicken on a cold afternoon with your family. Nothing comes close to a movie night out with friends as you enjoy some popcorns and milky ice cream. Most of us can’t just afford the luxury that comes with movie night out. Instead of putting it as a priority, we make it to the theatres once in a week. However, for most celebrities, the limitation to when they can be at the theater isn’t something they can put up with. For them, they want to enjoy the luxury of a private home theater they can access any day, any time. There isn’t a more common feature in most celebrities’ homes than a private home theater.

3. Massive Pools

After a long day at work or a tiresome week, you might want to consider to slip away to a sensational and romantic gateway with your significant other. And there could never a better place to wind away as you recollect the week’s activities than a pool. While most of us have to book and travel to their dreamy destinations for unforgettable experiences, there are now infinity pools incorporated into these expansive and high wend homes and hotels. Most celebrities are now avoiding the limelight, instead opting to have the therapeutic pools within their mansions as they take a break from their busy schedules. Extensive structural and architectural designs characterize the infinity pools. However, that hasn’t prevented most celebrities from installing them in their homes.

4. Private Airports

Some celebrities are wild about cars; others passionately love planes. They are avid fans of the aviation industry. While celebrities fit their homes with different unique features, the private airports for aircraft and planes came a bit unexpected and surprising. Some celebrities like John Travolta, who owns one of Florida’s most expensive homes, are even certified pilots who can fly their planes. So, it’s no surprise that they have designed their airports and operate them from their homes. From the custom entry doors of their bungalows to the expansive alleys leading to the dining rooms, the celebrities are making use of every space to guarantee their visitors a safe landing.