Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Demi Lovato Is Feeling Relieved After Split From Max EhrichCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Demi Lovato Is Feeling Relieved After Split From Max Ehrich

By Carly Silva

In the latest celebrity news, Demi Lovato is feeling a sense of relief after breaking off her engagement with Max Ehrich. The celebrity exes met in March and moved in with each other to quarantine together. Their relationship moved along quickly, and Ehrich popped the question only months after they were dating. The engagement was recently broken off, and according to, a spokesperson for Demi Lovato revealed that the pop singer is relieved after seeing Ehrich’s “true colors.”

In celebrity break-up news, Demi Lovato is relieved after her split and broken engagement from Max Ehrich. If you’re feeling trapped or suffocated in a relationship, what do you do?

Cupid’s Advice

Relationships can be very demanding and overwhelming sometimes. If you’re feeling trapped or suffocated in a relationship and you’re wondering what to do, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Be honest: If you’re having concerns about being suffocated in a relationship, the first thing to do is to be honest with your partner about it. Tell them that this type of relationship isn’t working for you and that you’re not happy. Your partner may be able to change their behavior and cater to your needs so that the relationship is more suitable for what you want.

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2. Set boundaries: If your partner is on board to make a change in your relationship, it’s important to set boundaries. Tell them exactly what behaviors are okay and which ones aren’t. Dedicate some time to having individual space and time for yourself to help with the suffocating feeling. If your partner is able to make these changes effectively, it may show that there is hope for your relationship to be less suffocating.

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3. Cut it loose: If you’re able to work on a relationship with your partner, it can help with feeling less suffocated, but if you are feeling trapped in your relationship, that may mean something is seriously wrong. If you’re not completely happy and for some reason feel like you can’t get out of your relationship, then it is important that you cut it loose. Feeling trapped is not healthy for a relationship and will only lead to resentment.

What else can you do if you’re feeling trapped or suffocated in a relationship? Start a conversation in the comments down below!