Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: What to Pack in Your Carry-On During a PandemicCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: What to Pack in Your Carry-On During a Pandemic

By Nicole Maher 

This year has slowly made its way from Summer to Fall, and before we know it, we will be right in the middle of the holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s on the horizon, many people may need to travel if they wish to spend time with their families. However, they still may have some hesitations about traveling during the pandemic. If health and safety are weighing heavy on your mind for the upcoming holiday season, try adding some of these travel tips to your normal routine to help relieve some of the stress surrounding your travel plans. 

Check out these five travel tips of what to pack in your carry-on while traveling during a pandemic.

1. An extra mask: It’s practically part of our daily routines at this point, right? Keys, wallet, phone, mask. With people coming and going from different locations, the airport is one of the most important public places to be wearing a mask. While you will already have one around your face, it is also wise to place a spare in your carry-on. This travel tip will help keep you safe in the event something happens to the mask you are wearing. 

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2. Gloves: Whether it is railings, door handles, or storage bins, you will inevitably need to touch different objects as you navigate your way through an airport. A great way to protect yourself from the germs on these objects, and spare yourself from continuously washing your hands, is to wear a pair of gloves. Stuff a few pairs of throw-away surgical gloves into your carry-on so that you can change them as needed, and reveal some of the stress of feeling like you need to constantly clean your hands. 

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3. Hand sanitizer: Even if you opt to wear gloves as you travel, carrying hand sanitizer is equally as important. Clip a travel-sized hand sanitizer onto the handle of your suitcase or backpack to ensure that it is easy to reach throughout your trip. Many airlines have restrictions of the volume of liquids allowed in a carry-on, so be sure to check the policy so that your sanitizer will make it through security! 

4. Electronic-safe wipes: From a phone to a laptop, you will likely be using at least one electronic device while you are traveling. It is just as important to keep these devices clean and safe as it is to protect your own hands. Packing a few electronic-safe disinfectant wipes into your carry-on will allow you to keep your belongings clean throughout the trip and once you reach your destination. Be sure to read the cleaning instructions on both your electronics and the wipes to ensure they are safe to use on everything. Along with hand sanitizers, airlines may also have rules on these types of cleaners, so be sure to check their rules when you are including this travel tip. 

5. Normal airport essentials: With the added stress of trying to remain safe while traveling during a pandemic, we may find ourselves overlooking the basics. Whether it is a sweatshirt to keep you warm, a travel pillow to help you sleep, or headphones to listen to your favorite playlist, these essentials are just as important as they were pre-pandemic. By reserving a spot for your normal travel essentials in your carry-on, you help reduce any travel anxiety and maintain a little bit of normalcy on your trip.  

What else should you pack in a carry-on while traveling during a pandemic? Start a conversation in the comments below!