Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Advice: U.S. National Park Must-SeesCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Advice: U.S. National Park Must-Sees

By Carly Silva

Staying home for months in quarantine has made most of us excited to get outdoors and start exploring again. Traveling to National Parks can be a great socially-distanced and inexpensive way of getting back out into the world. If you love nature and want to explore some of the most impressive sights at National Parks in the U.S., you’ll need some travel advice first.

If you’re looking for some travel advice, here are five stellar National Park sites to visit

1. Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park: The Hoh Rain Forest is located in Washington State, along the Olympic Peninsula. As it houses one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S., the Hoh Rain Forest has plenty of trails for tourists to explore, along with spots for picnicking and camping.

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2. Mount Kilauea, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Mount Kilauea is the youngest and most active volcano shield located on the southernmost island of Hawaii. It is the most visited attraction in Hawaii, as well as the most visited volcano in the entire world. Mount Kilauea has tons of trails and tours for you to do, including a guided bike tour around the volcano!

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3. Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands National Park: Waterlemon Cay is a peaceful beach off of the Virgin Island, St. John. It is a very popular snorkeling location, where you will spot a variety of marine animals, ranging from fish, to stingrays, to even sea turtles. Waterlemon Cay is a great place to visit if you love swimming and the beach, and there are plenty of other attractions to visit on St. John as well.

4. Big Bend National Park: Big Bend is located in Southern Texas, and it spans the Chisos Mountains with a number of sights and canyons to see. You can sightsee, ride horses, explore the river, and look for wildlife. You can sightsee from a car, lodge on the mountain, or enjoy hardcore wilderness activities. This place is perfect if you’re not sure how much wilderness you want to experience.

5. Crater Lake National Park: Located in central Oregon, Crater Lake is one of the world’s deepest and clearest lakes. Famous for its extremely deep water and beautiful blue color, this National Park offers boat and trolley tours on the lake, as well as ranger programs and rainforests surrounding it. Crater Lake is a great place to go if you’re looking for some gorgeous sightseeing.

What are some other sites to visit? Start a conversation down below!