Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Victoria Fuller Says She & Chris Soules Split Due to GeographyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Victoria Fuller Says She & Chris Soules Split Due to Geography

By Nicole Maher

In the latest celebrity news, Bachelor Nation stars Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules called off their relationship due to geographical reasons. According to, Fuller was not ready to move to Iowa and join Soules on his farm. The two had been traveling to see each other since April of this year, but were ultimately unable to reach a decision on where to settle down together. While the pair agreed to a celebrity break-up, they have reportedly been staying in contact with each other. 

In celebrity break-up news, Victoria and Chris split due to location. What do you do if you’re in a long distance relationship and can’t agree on a place to live together eventually?

Cupid’s Advice:

Distance can be one of the most difficult factors of a relationship to navigate. Whether someone is a long car ride away or only accessible by plane, the challenge of seeing each other can have a toll on the relationship. If you are looking for ways to overcome the challenges of distance as a couple, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Meet in the middle: One of the main reasons people do not want to uproot their life and move is because they are familiar with their current surroundings. It can be difficult to convince a person to leave their family and friends and move to a completely new place where they only know one person. But if both partners are willing to meet someplace in the middle, it would allow both of them to remain closer to home and to each other. 

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2. Continue to travel: If the impending distance does not need to be resolved right away, then continue your current travel methods. Circumstances and priorities may change after a period of time, and the two of you may eventually reach a point of agreement on where to finally settle down together. 

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3. Be honest with yourself: If you and your partner have had multiple conversations about the distance and there has been no compromise on either side, it might be time to consider the alternative of breaking-up. Breaking-up does not mean that the relationship failed, it simply means that the two people involved are progressing in different directions. In this case it may be two different geographical locations. 

What are some other ways to conquer a long-distance relationship? Start a conversation in the comments below!