Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up News: Jordana Brewster Files for Divorce from Andrew FormCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up News: Jordana Brewster Files for Divorce from Andrew Form

By Diana Iscenko

In the latest celebrity news, Jordana Brewster filed for divorce from husband Andrew Form after 13 years of marriage. According to, the Fast & Furious actress submitted the divorce papers to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles last week. The former celebrity couple’s case was listed as “dissolution with minor children.” The pair share two sons, Julian, 6, and Rowan, 4.

In celebrity break-up news, Jordana and Andrew have decided to call it quits on their marriage. What are some ways to announce your divorce to your young children?

Cupid’s Advice:

The end of a marriage is never easy, but it can be even more stressful when you have young children. As a parent, you want to protect your kids from painful situations. If you’re not sure the best way to tell your kids about you and your parent’s separation, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Focus on the moment: Your kids will likely remember the moment you tell them about the divorce for their entire lives. Make sure you’re sitting down as a family, with all your kids and your partner, when having this conversation. Think about where you’re having this conversation and if it would be comfortable for your children.

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2. Listen to your children: It’s impossible to know how your child will react to this news. No matter how well you breakdown the news to your young children, they’re going to have questions you’re not prepared for. Be supportive of them no matter how they react and answer their difficult questions honestly.

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3. Be united with your partner: While your divorce is hard on you, you need to be mature around your children. When announcing your separation, do not blame your partner. Both parents should take ownership and give your children the same message. Blaming your partner will make your kids think they need to reject their other parent.

How do you look out for your kids during a divorce? Start a conversation in the comments below!