Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips During the Pandemic: How to Stay Safe on PlanesCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips During the Pandemic: How to Stay Safe on Planes

By Alycia Williams

The COVID-19 virus has brought a lot of uncertainty to us all, especially when it comes to traveling. Though some people are avoiding traveling by plan altogether, some have no choice or want to take the risk. Travel advice is well needed as you board planes during the pandemic.

Here are some travel tips for flying during the pandemic.

1. Keep the hand sanitizer close by: As your going through the airport to get to your flight, you’ll touch a lot of things and you won’t always have access to soap and water to wash your hands. Have multiple travel size sanitizers handy, that way every time you touch something you can sanitize quickly.

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2. Wear a face mask: Keeping your face mask on is really important during the pandemic, but as you are flying it is extremely important. If you’re near anyone make sure your face mask is covering your nose and mouth. Don’t take it off unless you absolutely have no choice.

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3. Wipe the seat with disinfectant wipes: When you board the plane have some disinfectant wipes close by that way you can wipe off your seat before sitting in it. Don’t forget to wipe off the arm rest as well as the inside pocket of the seat in front of you.

4. Keep your distance: Stay as far away as possible from everyone is the airport as you’re waiting to board your plane. Don’t sit next to anyone and don’t stand near anyone.

5. Wear sunglasses: Since you can contract viruses through your eyes, some doctors recommend wearing protective eye gear. Sunglasses can do the exact same job. Protect your eyes by wearing any kind of glasses.

6. Prepare for your flight: Leading up to your flight, get sufficient sleep, eat healthy, take vitamins C and D, and exercise in order to boost your immune system.

7. Point the air vent away:  When you sit down in your seat, turn on your filter so it pushes the air, not on your face, but directly in front of your face, so it keeps any particles or viruses away from your face.

What are some more travel tips for flying during the pandemic? Start a conversation in the comments below!