Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: How to Style Your Natural Hair for the SummerCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Tips: How to Style Your Natural Hair for the Summer

By Alycia Williams

Naturally thick hair leaves an endless amount of options when it comes to styling. It can be overwhelming, as new beauty trends revolving around natural hair develop everyday. In these beauty tips, you’ll find the perfect natural hairstyle that’s summer ready.

Whether your looking for statement hairstyle or something a little bit more understated, here are the beauty tips you’ll need to get through the summer.

Find your perfect style:

1. The classic wash and go: This style calls for minimal styling which gives it a carefree and easygoing look. If you’re looking for your hair to dry in the summer breeze, the wash and go is for you.

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2. Braid/twist out: This style requires a little bit more work than the wash and go. On the flip side. this style is sure to give you definition that you’re looking for without going out with damp hair. This style works for all kinds of textured hair and gives a range of possibilities. You can have textured bangs one day, middle part the next, and then an up-do all with one braid/twist out. The possibilities are endless.

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3. Micro twist: The micro twist is perfect for you if you’re looking for a style to last you all summer. It takes a little while to style it, but it can last until fall. These twists are extremely versatile as you can do any style you want them. They’re easy to maintain and work for any kind of summer outing.

4. Embellished braids: This style can be categorized as more of a statement hairstyle. It takes regular braids to the next level. Wooden beads, metallic yarn, silver cuffs, shells, rings, and so much more, allows you to level up those braids.

5. Afro puffs: Whether they’re high or low puffs they still give off a cute and endearing look. They can be fun and flirty as high puffs or relaxed and easygoing as low puffs. Either way, these puffs have summer written all over them.

6. Dip dyed ends: It’s exactly what it sounds like, only dying the end tips of your hair to give you an exciting look. No matter what color you choose, this is bound to make you look like the life of party. Any style you choose to do with the dip dyed ends (as long as it’s showing) will give you a super fun look.

7. Buzz cut: Out of all the styles this, is by far the edgiest one. Not everyone is ready for a big chop, but if you are, then the buzz cut is the way to go. You’ll save a massive amount of time doing your hair. This style will have you looking bolder than ever.

What are some other natural hairstyles that are perfect for summer? Start a conversation in the comments below!