Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips for Learning at HomeCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Tips for Learning at Home

By Alycia Williams

The Coronavirus pandemic has really shifted all of our plans and our daily routines. Having the kids home 24/7 means that they have to do their school work at home, which can be difficult. Check out our parenting tips on how to make learning at home as simple as possible.

Learning at home has been such a difficult transition for all kids. Check out these parenting tips to make learning at home a little bit easier.

With the TV, video games, and toys within feet of your kids at all tines, they can feel distracted and not want to do their school work. If you want your kids to focus on their school work while at home, Cupid has some parenting advice for you:

1. Set up a work station: Have your kids do their work at the same place every day. It can be at their desk, at the dining room table, or even outside on the porch. Just make sure it’s as far away as possible from the TV or their favorite toys. Explain to them when they’re at their work station, that the only thing they should be doing is work.

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2. Try having structure: When kids are at school, everything is structured. You should take that same method into the household. Have a portion of time when they get to play and a separate time when they have to do their work. Come up with a planned out day and stick to it every day. Your kids will fall in line just like they do in school.

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3. Praise effort: This is such a odd transition for your children, and that means they can be a little bit more on edge and restless, especially when they’re not understanding something. Be patient with them, and praise them for their efforts; they need it.

4. Stay connected: Don’t lose contact with their teachers. They can be such a huge help when you don’t know how to help your child or if you’re confused on what to do. Also, stay connected with classmates and have your kids do work with their classmates over Zoom. It’ll make them feel more comfortable.

5. Make sure they still have a bed time: Just because your kids are home all day doesn’t mean they get to stay up all night. They still have work to do, which means that they still need proper rest. Have them go to sleep early and wake up early. Keep it as close to normal as possible.

What are some other parenting tips for learning at home? Start a conversation in the comments below.