Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Juice Cleanses Do’s and Don’tsCupid's Pulse Article: Food Tips: Juice Cleanses Do’s and Don’ts

By Alycia Williams

Navigating juice cleanses can be so difficult. It can be hard to determine how, when, or why to do them. If you need some food tips on juice cleanses, today we’re going some over some do’s and don’ts. Here is the food advice for this food trend.

In these food tips, check out some advice for juice cleanses.

1. Do choose a cleanse that’s right for you: There are so many different kinds of juice cleanses, and there is definitely one that is right for you. Some people have pressed juice only, others just cut out things like alcohol, caffeine, processed or refined foods, sugar, gluten, common allergens and animal protein. Most people feel much more energized and satiated when they include lean protein, and/or raw veggies and fruits they can chew, rather than juices that are gone in a few gulps. It’s perfectly OK to “cherry pick” from various plans to create a program that feels right for you.

2. Don’t do it to be trendy: If you’re going to do a juice cleanse, make sure its because you really want to do it and not because your friend is doing one. Those who follow trends usually have a much harder time sticking to it, and when people who aren’t really committed to cleansing their body doing them, they end up binge eating after the cleanse.

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3. Do use the cleanse/detox as a gateway to a healthier: lifestyle: When you finish the juice cleanse, do your best to keep a healthy diet. You can open up your diet to more that just vegetable juice, but try to stay away from sugar-filled foods and drinks.

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4. Don’t start working out consecutively: The juice cleanse is made to clean your body of previous unhealthy eating and toxins, not to lose weight or gain muscle. If you start working out while having this limited eating diet, you’re in for the  worst. You’ll experience dizziness, tiredness, and nausea. Wait until after you finish the cleanse to then start working out.

5. Do stay hydrated: Make sure that you’re not just relying on the juice to keep you hydrated. Drink water as well. 8-10 glasses a day is perfect to go along with your juice. Herbal teas are helpful as well.

6. Don’t ignore hunger pains: If you ignore your hunger you’ll be subjecting yourself to some harsh side affects. If you get hungry just simply munch on a fruit or vegetable.

7. Do try it with a friend: Since juice cleanses can be so difficult especially when you get tired of eating fruits and vegetables doing it with a friend can be fun and you guys can keep each other on the cleanse. It can also be a fun and healthy experience together.

8. Don’t end the cleanse without transitioning: After only drinking  and eating fruits a vegetables it is important that you don’t jump into eating in large portions. Take your time and ease into those larger meals.

What are some other do’s and don’ts of juice cleansing? Start a conversation in in the comments below!