Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Anderson Cooper Welcomes 1st Child Via SurrogateCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Anderson Cooper Welcomes 1st Child Via Surrogate

By Ellie Rice

In the latest celebrity news, Anderson Cooper welcomed his first child via surrogate! Sharing the exciting news this past week through his Instagram account, Cooper announced the birth of his son, Wyatt Cooper. According to, the name Wyatt was chosen in honor of the Cooper’s late father. We wish these two nothing but love and happiness in their future!

In celebrity baby news, Anderson Cooper is a proud new dad to a baby boy! What are some ways to prepare your life for a child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Becoming a parent is a joyous and momentous occasion that many look forward to in their lives. If you’re looking for ways to prepare for this next step, Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Make sure you’re ready: The first step in gauging your preparedness for pregnancy is checking in with yourself. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is crucial before having a child. If you feel ready to become a parent and prepared for all of the wonderful yet challenging years ahead, then go for it. For those not quite there yet, take your time. This is not something to rush into! Many women invested in their careers or still exploring their lives have frozen their eggs, so do some research if you feel that might be an option for you.

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2. Financially prepare: Babies are expensive! During your pregnancy planning, be sure that you are taking a realistic look at your finances. You want to feel comfortable and supported while going through this process, so be sure to save. Once your baby is born, consider opening an education fund for them. As they grow up, continue putting money into the account so once college rolls around you will all be ready!

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3. You have support: It’s important that while you are going through this exciting time, you have built a support network. Whether that is through your partner, friends, or family, be sure that you have people to lean on during this process. Having loved ones to turn to and be by your side is definitely a key part of preparing for a child.

What are some ways you’d prepare for a child? Start a conversation in the comments below!