Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Temptation Island’s Gavin Rocker Speaks Out About What Ultimately Ended His RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Temptation Island’s Gavin Rocker Speaks Out About What Ultimately Ended His Relationship

Written by Altina Kamara.

Before arriving to the set of Temptation Island, Gavin Rocker was in 1+ year relationship with then-girlfriend, Esonica Veira. The way they met was like a scene out of a rom-com. However, their love took a turn as “temptation” ultimately took over with his now-ex. Though he doesn’t regret his time on the show, he wouldn’t recommend it to others.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, we chat with Gavin about his hesitation in relationships, past television appearances and what he learned from being on Temptation Island.

Check out our celebrity interview with Gavin Rocker to hear his thoughts on relationships and Temptation Island:

1. How did you two meet and was there an initial attraction?

We met doing background work for show Love Is (how ironic). I saw Esonica standing near me and she was just so beautiful, so I asked “Hey, what do you do?” She said she was a model. We kept talking and I asked for her number. I didn’t have my phone, so I said, “Tell me your number. I’ll remember it.” She then said, “If you remember my number, I’ll go out with you.” Lol. I remembered her number, called the next day and the rest is history.

2. You two were together for just over a year when you decided to join Temptation Island. Do you think you had enough time together before putting your relationship to the test?

I think we had enough time. Anything longer than that would be a waste to me. I feel like it doesn’t take long to know how you feel about a relationship. Temptation Island was great way to decide whether or not we should move forward or not.

3. What were your first thoughts upon arriving to the set of the show?

My first thought was, “Wow, these single girls are really here for love and they’re serious too.” I didn’t know how to take it at first. It was such a weird experience, so I had to adjust on the fly. No one ever goes through something like that (unless you were part of season 1).

4. Both of you started making connections with two other members of the show pretty quickly. Did you go into this knowing you wanted to find other relationships?

I did not. I wasn’t planning on falling in love with anyone. I wanted to show Esonica my loyalty to her and see if she was the right one for me. Being with Esonica was my end goal the entire time.

5. Do you think social media may have had a negative effect on your relationship?

I think so. Not in a big way, but the smallest comment can lead to the biggest argument. Esonica looks deeper into social media than I do. She always knows who I’m talking to. I don’t really get into it that much.

6. You have admitted in the past that you are nervous about taking that next step towards marriage. Why do you think you’re so hesitant?

I’m hesitant because marriage is a huge step. In society today, marriage is so casual. People kind of just do it because “it’s the right thing to do” or “you’re at that age.” I don’t believe in that. I feel like marriage should happen when you’re sure about your partner and to me, a year and a half isn’t enough time to make that decision.

7. Fans discovered that Temptation Island wasn’t your first television appearance. Do you have aspirations of becoming an actor? What else have you been on, if anything?

Temptation Island was my first television appearance, aside from being an extra on TV shows/movies. I’m a former college athlete, so I’m always cast for football movies/commercials. If fans count that, then sure, I’ve been in other things, but you can’t even see my face in stuff like that. If I was a big-time actor, people would see me in the box office.

8. Have you maintained the friendships with anyone on the show? If so, who do you still speak with and how often? (This includes the guys and girls)

All the guys and girls still talk from the guys’ villa. We’re all cool. We even have a group chat. Lol! That big group chat gets used every now and then, but the rest of the guys and I talk often. Almost daily. We love each other. One big happy family.

9. What have you learned overall from being on the show? Do you think it’s something you would ever do again?

I learned that people cope with things differently. It’s tough being cut off from the world for 4 weeks and surrounded by strangers. Most people wouldn’t find that easy. It showed me how mentally tough I was and how everyone deals with controlled isolation.

I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m thankful I did it once.

10. Are you [and Esconica] both still a couple now that the show is over? If not, who are you with? Why did it eventually end?

No, we’re not together. I’m not with anyone at the moment. Things ended because, to put it bluntly, Esonica and I aren’t compatible. We tried making things work after the show, but that was difficult, and when I found out she slept with Kareem at the reunion after telling me she didn’t, I was done. She wanted to be with me still, but I can’t go back with someone after lying like that.

11. Would you recommend going on the show to others who are in a relationship that they are not sure about?

I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s Temptation Island, not “Fall in love” Island. Things are tempting, but none of it really has substance. Granted, people face temptation every day, but doing it on romantic dates in Hawaii is a different story. I’d only recommend it to those couples with trust issues, but usually the person with those issues is the first one to cheat, as we saw with almost every woman this season, so does that really help anything? Be careful.

12. What are the next steps for you now?

The next step for me is just to enjoy my life and focus on me again. I’ve been working on some music that I plan to release soon, so I’m excited about that. I’m also happy about the new friends I’ve made from Temptation Island. I love all of those people. We’re bonded for life. Hate it or love it, we can’t change that!

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