Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Temptation Island’s Esconica Veira Shares How She’s Moved On With Her Life After The ShowCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Temptation Island’s Esconica Veira Shares How She’s Moved On With Her Life After The Show

Written by Altina Kamara.

Esconica Veira, a former pageant model, joined the cast of Temptation Island with her boyfriend, Gavin Rocker, and had doubts from the very beginning. As the show progressed, Esconica began to discover herself more and formed a bond with fellow cast member, Kareem Thomas. Her relationship with Gavin ultimately ended and she shares why it’s okay.

In our exclusive celebrity interview, Esconica speaks out about her relationship with Gavin and how it changed her, as well as what’s next for her now that temptation is no longer knocking at her door.

Check out our celebrity interview with Esconica Veira to hear about her experience on Temptation Island and the relationship she had with ex, Gavin Rocker.

1. How did you two meet and was there an initial attraction? You two were together for just over a year when you decided to join Temptation Island.

Gavin and I met on set doing background work on the show called Love Is. I thought that was pretty coincidental, and yes, we did have attraction when we first met.

2. Do you think you had enough time together before putting your relationship to the test?

Being in a relationship for just over a year, things should be good. It should be like the honeymoon stage. Looking back at it now, it may have not been enough time for us to put the relationship to the test.

3. What were your first thoughts upon arriving to the set of the show?

My first thought upon arriving to the set of the show was, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

4. Both of you started making connections with two other members of the show pretty quickly. Did you go into this knowing you wanted to find other relationships?

I don’t think I found a connection pretty quickly. I was taking my time and honestly doing whatever I could to not make a connection.

5. In an interview with, you said that your bond with Kareem helped to open you up more.

I did not initially go on the show to find another relationship. In the interview with, I said Kareem helped me open up more, meaning on Temptation Island, he allowed me to be myself by listening to me and understanding my unique situation.

6. Do you feel that your relationship with Gavin has hindered you? In what ways have you opened up?

I don’t necessarily think that the relationship I had with Gavin hindered me, but I do feel like there were some parts of myself I was never really able to explore. I have opened up more by just knowing now what I should accept in a relationship.

7. Do you think social media may have had a negative effect on your relationship?

I do believe that social media can have a negative impact in relationships because everything is in the palm of your hand. It can make everything a bit harder when connecting with your partner and that can cause some disconnect in a relationship. Social media can make things seem very easy to find when in real life, it’s not that easy.

8. You’re the CEO of your own cosmetics line named Forever Royal Cosmetics. Can you tell us how you got into the beauty industry and what sparked your interest?

I am the CEO of my own cosmetic line named forever Royal Cosmetics. I got into the beauty industry because of pageantry. I’ve participated in pageantry for my entire life, actually since I was nine years old. What sparked my interest was my platform, which was promoting self-esteem in women. I’ve always felt like I wanted to be what I never had when I was younger and that was a positive role model that would show me how to accept myself for who I am – Someone to show me how to groom myself into a better version of who I am and to make the best of who I am.

9. Have you maintained the friendships with anyone on the show, and if so, who do you still speak with and how often? (This includes the guys and girls)

I have maintained many relationships with pretty much everyone on the show. I think we speak often enough and that includes the guys and the girls. All of us have been through a once-in-a-lifetime experience and because of that, we will always be connected.

6. What have you learned overall from being on the show? Do you think it’s something you would ever do again?

What I’ve learned overall from being on the show is that it’s okay to be me – whatever that is. Is the show something I would ever do again? I’ve learned to never say never, but right about now, I may have had enough of Temptation Island.

7. Are you [and Gavin] both still a couple now that the show is over? If not, who are you with? Why did it eventually end?

We are no longer a couple now that the show is over. At this time, I am with no one. It eventually ended because we came to a quick realization that both of us wanted two different things and sometimes, that’s okay.

8. Would you recommend going on the show to others who are in a relationship that they are not sure about?

I would recommend going on the show to others who are in a relationship and they are not sure about it because it’s a fast way to know if this person is the one or isn’t, and if you’re like me, you don’t have much more time to waste.

9. What are the next steps for you now?

The next steps for me now would be to focus on becoming the woman that I want to be. That means excelling in my business, career, love life and the pursuit of my own happiness.

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