Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents: Garth Brooks Gets Real About Raising Daughters After Split from Ex-WifeCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Parents: Garth Brooks Gets Real About Raising Daughters After Split from Ex-Wife

By Meghan Khameraj

In celebrity news, country singer Garth Brooks opened up about raising his three daughters after ending his celebrity relationship with his now ex-wife. According to, Brooks was grateful to have the help of his best friend and partner, Trisha Yearwood. With the help of each other, the three parents worked together to raise the three girls. Brooks stated, “Never ever did one of those kids take the field where at least one parent wasn’t in the stands…I love music to death, really do. But there’s nothing like loving your babies.”

In celebrity parenting news, Garth Brooks had to create a whole new life after the split from his ex-wife. What are some ways to divvy up parenting duties with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Famous couple Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl ended their celebrity relationship in 2000. However, that did not hinder them from working together, alongside Brooks’ new girlfriend and then wife, Trisha Yearwood, to raise their three daughters. Cupid has some relationship advice to help you divvy up parenting duties with your ex:

1. Create a schedule: The simplest way to divvy up responsibilities is to create a schedule. Sit down with your ex and discuss who will do each duty, including spending quality time with the kids. To avoid any possible fights, stick to the schedule as closely as possible.

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2. Attend events together: This method is best for the children. There are few things worse than seeing your parents apart, ease your child’s pain by attending important events such as sporting games or performances together to show that despite the split you both support your child.

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3. Be understanding: Sometimes things happen. Maybe your ex couldn’t make it to an event or maybe they needed to change the schedule. As long as this isn’t a reoccurring habit, there is no need to stir up any drama. Try to understand the position your ex is in to avoid any fights.

What are some other ways to divvy up parental responsibilities? Let us know in the comments below!