Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 12 Date Night Ideas That Will Save You MoneyCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 12 Date Night Ideas That Will Save You Money

As a couple, it’s important to establish healthy financial boundaries, especially when thinking of combining your finances and starting a family together. Often times, couples enter a relationship with their owns debts and bills and support each other to pay them down together.

If you are in a relationship and have made a commitment to pay down auto loans, student loans, online loans, and credit card debt as a team, then one area you can certainly save on is date night. Just because you’re being smart financially, doesn’t mean date night is off the table!

Here are 12 date night ideas that will save you money while you still have a great time.

1. Movie Night at Home

You can easily invite your date to watch a movie with you at your house or theirs. This gives you the chance to find out what your date likes to watch and to get to know each other. You can talk before or after the movie (or even pause it in the middle), unlike in a movie theater.

2. Happy Hour

Many places will provide deals during happy hour. Happy hour usually occurs between lunch and dinner, so if you’re both available, you should go. It’s a great way to enjoy a quick bite to eat in an easy going environment. Also, it’s cheaper than usual, which is a plus.

3. Inexpensive Arcades

There are many arcades with cheaper prices that you can visit with a date. It’s a great place to interact, have some fun and win prizes. You can also see what types of games your date likes so you can keep that in mind for future dates.

4. Ice-cream Sculpting

This may seem strange, but it’s fun. You buy saran wrap and a tub of ice-cream. Completely wrap your table with the saran wrap and also put a covering, or towels, on the ground around the table. Work with your date to create an ice-cream sculpture. It’s a great way to get close and to have a unique date.

5. Go Window Shopping

Many people enjoy window shopping. If you invite someone to go window shopping, it gives you a chance to walk around and talk with each other. You can also see what kind of gifts your date likes, which you can make a note of for a future gift idea.

6. Cheap Comedy Show

Many cities have cheap comedy shows that you and a date can attend. Just pay a small fee and enjoy a laugh with your date. It can be a great chance to see what type of humor your date enjoys so you can continue to make your date laugh and smile.

7. Have a Drink and Chat

It’s nice to sit down and chat. When you buy a beverage that you both enjoy, you can have an easy going environment. This makes it easy to talk and to see what types of drinks your date likes. It’s a simple yet effective date.

8. Cook a Romantic Meal

You can either cook the meal yourself or cook it with your date. Either way works, because you can impress your date and show that you care by cooking. However, if you decide to cook together, you can enjoy some time together.

9. Go to a Museum

It can be fun to look at different exhibits and pieces of art. Luckily, many museums will have a day where it’s free to visit, so you can go and enjoy the art. Learn more about art and enjoy walking around with your date.

10. DIY Project

It can be fun to get creative, so find a simple do it yourself (DIY) project you can do with your date. Make sure the DIY project is fun and something that isn’t too hard to do. This will help your date to feel accomplished, avoid frustration and let you work together.

11. Make Some Art

Creating art can be a lot of fun as well. Buy some cheap art supplies and enjoy creating your own personal masterpieces. You can admire each other’s creations and continue to make other art pieces.

12. Go Hiking

Hikes provide an easy way to talk with someone. Not only can you talk as you walk, but you can discuss different things you see on the trail. This will help you to avoid any awkward spaces in your conversation.

Try Them Out

Each of these date ideas keep things simple and cheap, making them ideal for people on a budget. Give them a try and see what your date enjoys, you’ll both be happy together in the moment, and your budget will thank you.