Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Why Do a Background Check on Your Future Spouse?Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Why Do a Background Check on Your Future Spouse?

Marriage is a sacred bond that symbolizes love and devotion to your partner. As such a huge commitment, it goes without saying that you should be 100% confident you know your partner inside out before going through with the ceremony.

But even when someone has charmed you sufficiently, while telling you everything you need to know about them, how can you be sure they’re being 100% truthful?

There are some professional liars out there who might say all the right things. However, their track records suggest quite the opposite. Even if your partner isn’t a liar, what’s to say they haven’t been economical with the truth and only told you the good things?

But, there are probably a few things you’ll feel uncomfortable asking your partner about. There is potential for intrusive questions to jeopardize your relationship, or detract from the intimacy of a given moment.

Things like finances, criminal history, and previous relationships are sensitive areas. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t perform a background check prior to going through with your ceremony.

Though it may be deemed an invasion of privacy, wouldn’t you rather know about any hidden skeletons in your partner’s closet before making the biggest commitment of your life? Here are some of the biggest incentives to run a background check on your future spouse:

Secure Your Future

Marriage is far from an light decision. It’s a monumental step in your life, one which will ultimately determine your happiness. When you weigh up how much time you’ll be spending with your partner, you’ll appreciate the significance of securing a stable future. Your spouse’s past will play an inevitable role in what happens going forward. If there are red flags and you don’t confront them early on, or even know about them for that matter, they can rear their ugly heads at a later date.

By performing a background check on your partner, whether professionally or by doing some digging yourself, you’ll be reassured you know exactly what to expect from the future with your partner. Knowing how your partner’s past will affect your future is paramount for a successful relationship. Chances are that there won’t be any surprises, but you’re definitely better safe than sorry.

Uncover Bad Finances

Imagine your partner has a negative financial history, including bad credit, debt or even bankruptcy. This is something that is easily concealed, but can be revealed via a simple online search.

Financial secrets can negatively influence various aspects of your life going forward. Imagine marrying someone without realizing they can’t take out a loan, or even buy a new home once married. The consequences would be devastating, and you’d be left wondering why you weren’t more vigilant by at least performing an online search. Once married, your finances are one of the same, meaning their liabilities become yours, too.

It’s essential that you check your partner’s financial status prior to walking down the aisle, since this will benefit your future considerably.

Criminal History

Just because someone treats you like a sweetheart doesn’t mean they can’t have a checkered criminal history. The last thing you’ll want to do is marry a criminal!

A background check can uncover things like criminal records. However, it’s important to offer forgiveness in some cases, and you should at the very least be aware of the circumstances into which you’re entering. People do change, but some circumstances are unforgivable. For example, if you find out your partner has been in an abusive relationship or committed another serious crime, this might make you think twice about proceeding with the ceremony. Certain information will raise huge alarm bells, meaning you should take criminal checks seriously.

Prior Marriages and Divorces

It’s likely that your partner will avoid telling you about previous marriages. But, it’s vital that you know about these, especially if your partner is still married to someone else!

Alternatively, imagine if you thought a previous marriage is now defunct, only to later find out they were never divorced. There’s certainly no harm in finding out whether a divorce has been finalized. This will also indicate whether your partner has financial responsibilities you should know about.

Hiring a private detective to do some digging can be a progressive step toward securing a positive future.