Cupid's Pulse Article: Facebook Founding President Sean Parker Is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Facebook Founding President Sean Parker Is Engaged

Facebook co-president Sean Parker is engaged, reports People.  Parker’s rep confirmed that the Napster co-founder proposed to long-time girlfriend Alexandra Lenas, a singer/songwriter from New York.

How do you make sure work doesn’t get in the way of your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Balancing your personal life and your career is a task not even the most experienced workers have yet been able to master.  Here are a few ways to make sure you have equal time for both:

1. Set aside time: You should make a little bit of time for your partner every day.  Even if the time allotted is as little as an hour, your partner will appreciate that you feel your relationship is as important as your work.

2. Plan date nights: Even if you’ve been overloaded at work, that shouldn’t stop you from planning nights that are dedicated completely to your relationship.  Abandon your work for an evening and go out to dinner.

3. Make it up: If you’re overwhelmed with work on a certain night and have no time for your partner, make it up to him or her.  Send her roses the next day or take her to dinner the next night.