Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘16 and Pregnant’ Star Delivers Amber Portwood-Style BeatingCupid's Pulse Article: ‘16 and Pregnant’ Star Delivers Amber Portwood-Style Beating

Looks like we have another teen star domestic violence dispute on our hands. E! Online reported Tuesday that another young mom from the newest season of MTV’s reality TV show gave her baby daddy an Amber-Portwood-esque bashing … but it’s her dad who was taken away in handcuffs. Jennifer del Rio, who delivered twin boys last October, is seen screaming, “Say goodbye to your kids, Josh, because you will never see them again!” in the trailer for season 3 of 16 and Pregnant.  It’s so much drama, and show doesn’t premiere until April 19!

How do you handle an angry partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone knows violence is never the answer – even more so when it involves teen parents. Here are some tips to help diffuse tension between you and your partner:

1. Step back: If you see the situation escalating to dangerous levels, take a breather so each of you has room to settle down.  Nothing good can come from a blow-out fight.

2. Seek a mediator: If things are too heavy for the both of you to handle on your own, consider bringing in an outside party to help you each look at the situation objectively. Just be sure this person is someone who won’t take sides, since that won’t solve your problems, either.

3. Bring in the authorities: MTV got reprimanded for not reporting the Portwood attack on boyfriend Gary Shirley, which was caught on camera. If you’re ever in a situation where fists are thrown, call the police. There’s no excuse for any type of physical attack.