Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Lamar Odom Is Engaged to Sabrina ParrCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Lamar Odom Is Engaged to Sabrina Parr

By Ahjané Forbes

In celebrity news, wedding bells will ring for Lamar Odom and his girlfriend, Sabrina Parr. Theis celebrity couple was first spotted kissing in August which sparked rumors of a celebrity relationship. Odom proposed to Parr with a pear-shaped diamond ring. According to, the former Lakers player gushed about his new fiance on social media, saying,  “My post goes out to the new leading woman in my life, that I’m gonna tell every day how beautiful she is, from the inside out. Thanks @getuptoparr for teaching me what real self-value means. It changed my entire mindset.”

In celebrity couple news, Lamar Odom is engaged to Sabrina Parr, who he’s been dating for just a few months. How do you know you’re ready to get engaged to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When you start planning your life with another person, that is usually the time that you start planning an engagement. Starting to live together or planning drank vacations with your families drank vacations with your families are  you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

1. Making them part of your future plans: When you start taking your partner into account in your life plans, then your relationship probably has long-term potential. If you are in the process of buying a house, for instance, and you would like to know if your partner is comfortable living there, then you might be ready to ring those wedding bells.

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2. Wanting to start a family: Having children with someone you love is an exciting journey. If you start imagining your partner  playing with the little ones in your house, then maybe you’re ready for an engagement.

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3. Asking them if they’re ready for marriage: Don’t just pop the question not having an idea if your partner is ready for marriage. Talk to their friends or family members to get their thoughts and feedback. If you are given shaky or uncertain responses, then maybe they aren’t ready just yet. Keep hope alive, and give it time.

How do you know that you’re ready to be engaged? Share your thoughts in the comments below!