Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Giudice Reunites with Teresa & Four Daughters in ItalyCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Joe Giudice Reunites with Teresa & Four Daughters in Italy

By Ahjané Forbes

In celebrity news, reality TV star Teresa Giudice reunites with her husband Joe after he was in ICE custody for seven months. The celebrity couple has not seen each other for quite some time. According to a, the family plans is reconnecting in Italy. On GMA’s Strahan, Sara and Keke, Melisa Gorga said in an interview, “At this point, they don’t know each other anymore. And they need to get to know each other again.”

In celebrity news, Joe Giudice is continuing his family focus by meeting up with his wife and kids. What are some ways to know if your partner has family values?

Cupids Advice: 

Spending some time apart from your partner can be detrimental to your family dynamic. However, sometimes this can be beneficial for your family to grow. The person’s absence can “make the heart grow fonder,” as they say. Cupid have some ways to know your partner is focused on family:

1. Spend time together: Whatever happened is in the past, it is important if your partner make steps to improve your family relationship. This may mean going on mini vacations, visiting each other if you’re separated by distance, or just making a point to have a movie night at the house.

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2. Ask for your partner’s opinion: Parenting is a two-way street. One parent might be disciplinary and the other might not be. Finding a common ground is important. Asking for input on how you both should raise your children moving forward is an important tactic to raising a strong family.

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3. Make the family their priority: Working life can get in the way of spending time with family. Nevertheless, if your partner is showing that they want to be an active lover and parent, then they have family values!

How do you know if your partner has family values? Share your thoughts in the comments below!