Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends: Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfit IdeasCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trends: Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfit Ideas

By Ahjané Forbes

Tis’ this season to wear festive attire and dress up for Santa. One of the most notable holiday-inspired article of clothing is an ugly Christmas sweater. You can wear these sweaters to many different events, from ugly Christmas sweater parties to family get-togethers. Plus, making your own is a lot of fun and can be done inexpensively. Why wait?

Here are some fashion trends for the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater this year:

1. Gaudy Garland Sweater: You might be hanging up garlands this year, so why not dress up as one? These sweaters are already pre-made, but you can get creative and make one yourself. You can get a plain green garland sweater. Add fun things like ornaments, ribbons, glitter, candy canes, lights, and wrapping paper. If you have a solid colored sweater, like white, you can add fun colors like red, pink, gold, and silver to make your outfit pop.

2. Two parts of a whole: Make the costume contest an idea for bonding with your partner. For instance, have your partner dress up as the head of the reindeer and you be the bottom.This cute idea is great for family photos and a laugh. If you want to stand out at the Christmas party, do something different. You can be Santa’s sleigh, and your partner can be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. The more creative you are, the better!

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3. Make this a family affair: When you’re making your ugly sweaters, let your children pick what they want to do. Start with the basic stuff. A little window looking inside a house with ornaments on it is easy approach, for instance. This will give your kids an interactive task that will make them more focused on the holiday.

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4. Professional: Are you going out to Christmas party at work? If so, you can still pull off the ugly Christmas sweater by making it with business-like apparel. Add a bow tie, some suspenders, and a collar to your sweater. You can keep it “business casual” and still be festive for the holidays.

5. Furry Fun: Don’t forget your pet! You can make matching outfits for them as well. Make your sweater a Christmas tree and have your pet dressed up as an ornament. This way when you’re walking around with them, everyone can see that you guys go together. Don’t add lights or candy canes that might be harmful to your pet. Try to make their outfit simple and with things that they cannot ingest.

What are some ways you plan to wear your sweaters this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!