Cupid's Pulse Article: Alias Star Michael Vartan Gets MarriedCupid's Pulse Article: Alias Star Michael Vartan Gets Married

Michael Vartan, alias: hubby.  Star of the show Alias, Michael Vartan, and his love Lauren Skaar tied the knot at Pelican Hill Resort Saturday in front of 150 guests, according to “She’s my best friend in the world and that’s why I asked her to marry me,” Vartin said.  “I have more fun with her than with anyone I’ve ever met. I just woke up one day and could not imagine living without her. The great thing about her and me, is that I feel like I can be 100 percent myself.”

Should your partner be your best friend?

Cupid’s Advice:

It makes the entire marriage easier if you and your spouse are best friends. Here are some things to consider when trying to determine if you and your partner can call each other BFFs:

1. A solid foundation: It’s no secret that a marriage consists of hard work and a lot of stressful days. Having a close buddy in a partner makes things a lot easier.

2. Great talks: An easy way to measure how strong your friendship is is by looking at your conversations. If you and your partner can talk about the serious things as well as the random topics easily, then things look good.

3. A relaxed environment: Similar to Vartan and his bride, if you feel 100 percent calm and your spouse isn’t running in the opposite direction, it’s probably a great sign.