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Love & Libations: Fall For Celebrity Wines This Autumn

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Fall For Celebrity Wines This Autumn
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Cupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Fall For Celebrity Wines This AutumnCupid's Pulse Article: Love & Libations: Fall For Celebrity Wines This Autumn

By Yolanda Shoshana

Pumpkin spice lattes are great,  but wait, it’s time to get wines for autumn. ‘Tis the season for snuggling, cuddling, and binge-watching your favorite shows with a libation to sip and savor. What this means is that it’s time to stock up on wine. Have a good supply so that you are ready for crisp cold nights and snowstorms. Plus, you never know when Netflix is going to drop a new surprise show on a Friday night.

Celebrate Fall With These Autumn Worthy Wines

Here are some wine picks to enjoy doing this autumn season:

Gerard Depardieu Chateau de Tigne Anjou Rogue 

It’s no secret that actor and bon vivant, Gerard Depardieu, loves wine.  He once admitted that he drank 14 bottles of wine a day. I would never challenge him to a drinking game, no way would I survive. Depardieu owns several vineyards with one of his most well-known being Chateau de Tigne in the Loire Valley, France. The red wine from this winery is the way to go while you are enjoying comfort food or after a long day at work. 

It’s the kind of wine that’s good with most meals, enjoyed with a pizza or burger. The bonus is that it’s very affordable. Don’t forget to have it while watching, Marseille, starring Depardieu. It’s the first French web series by Netflix. It’s so bad it’s good. Not to mention, very sexy at times. Of course, the women wear the sexiest French lingerie which is perfect for your own boudoir ideas.

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Studio by Miraval

When Angelina filed for divorce from Brad, the first thing that wine lover’s wanted to know is, “but what about Miraval”. Their award-winning rosé has been getting accolades since it hit the market. The good news is that even though the couple has called it quits, the wine lives on and is going strong The one to sip this season is Studio by Miraval.  It’s a four grape blend that comes in a bottle that will remind you of perfume. It’s for lovers of art and music who want to feel like they are on the French Riviera.

Sip with your love as you cuddle up in a warm blanket and connect through conversation.

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Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc

Sarah Jessica Parker announced that she would be dropping some wine and it’s finally here. The Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sauvignon Blanc will be the first wine released in the collection. It’s said that SJP has been a part of the wine’s process from beginning to end.  When I first heard that the wine is produced in New Zealand, I was surprised. It seemed like a New York or California winery would be more fitting, but New Zealand is a rising star in the wine world so it’s a good move.

It’s the perfect wine to sip and watch Sex and the City with your girl squad as you share the joys and oys of dating. If you are on the other end, maybe you can sip and watch SJP’s current show, Divorce, and share some “love is a battlefield” stories.

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Domaine Curry Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

Not just a basketball wife, Ayesha Curry, who is also an author, restaurateur, and culinary personality has put her toe into the wine game as well. The luxury wine is a partnership with her sister-in-law Sydel Curry. The ladies teamed up with John Schwartz of Coup de Foudre in Napa Valley. It’s a small production wine so it may be hard to find, but that makes it even better when you do get your hands on a bottle. You will be sipping all fancy.  

This is a grown and sexy wine therefore perfect for a romantic night in. I have a feeling the Steph and Ayesha have quite a few of those (when their parent’s watch the three kids).

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