Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Adele Files for Divorce from Simon KoneckiCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Adele Files for Divorce from Simon Konecki

By Ahjané Forbes

In celebrity news, singer Adele sets “fire to the rain” after she files for divorce from her celebrity ex Simon Konecki. The celebrity couple have been together for eight years and share a son, Angelo, together. The two plan to go their separate ways, but will raise their son in a loving environment. The songwriter has not spoken out publicly, but continues to send positive vibes on social media. According to, Adele posted on Instagram back in May about her willingness to make this a better year, saying, “30 tried my so hard but I’m owning it and trying my hardest to lean in to it all.”

In celebrity divorce news, Adele has officially filed for divorce from her husband Simon. What are some ways to announce your divorce to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Telling someone that you and your ex lover have decided to split is not the easiest tasks especially when there is family involved. Some couples live separate lives, but stay together in order to please their family members.This is not the best idea especially when you are not happy being with this person. Cupid has some relationship advice when it comes to telling your family and friends about your divorce:

1. Don’t break the news at a family event: This can become awkward very quickly. You don’t want to ruin a fun filled event with some bad news. Avoid making any “grand entrance” with news about a separation. You don’t want to be put on the spot to answer private questions about your relationship.

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2. Try not to play the blame game: Pointing fingers at why the relationship ended is the easiest way for many to avoid talking about what really happened. Even if it is the other person’s fault try not to be petty about what happened. Accepting what when wrong is the first part of the healing process. Learn how to tell the story in a positive light. Use words like “this was the best decision for us” or “we’ve come to a mutual agreement”. Not only is this mature, but this language will be best for telling important people like your children.

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3. Let everyone know that you are still processing this: Whether you called it quits or your partner its important that you take the time to process it all. You might be wondering what went wrong or how you will get over this person. The warning signals could have been there, but you didn’t know it would go downhill so fast. Take your time and needed space to reflect.

How would you tell people about your divorce? Share your ideas in the comments below!