Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Why Jana Kramer & Mike Cuassin Are So Open About Their MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Why Jana Kramer & Mike Cuassin Are So Open About Their Marriage

By Hope Ankney

In celebrity news, celebrity couple Jana Kramer and Mike Cuassin discuss why they are so open about their marriage. According to, the two stars explained their openness after being asked why people feel connected to their podcast: Whine Down With Jana Kramer. Kramer said, “Because we don’t hold back and we talk about real stuff and we don’t sugarcoat anything and we’re not like, ‘Our marriage is perfect.’ We are very open and honest about our struggles, which then opens the door for our listeners to have that same experience and be able to relate.”

In celebrity couple news, Jana and Mike are very open and honest about the ups and downs of their celebrity marriage. What are some ways being open about the issues in your marriage can help you resolve them?

Cupid’s Advice:

The way a couple decides to communicate within their marriage can tell a lot about how successful and sustainable that marriage will be. Discussing issues when they arise can save a lot of heartaches later, and it also builds a sense of trust and vulnerability within the two of you. It can be tough, but Cupid has some love advice on how being open about problems in your marriage can actually lead to a healthier and stronger relationship:

1. Allows you both to be heard: A marriage is a two-way street. In a relationship, it’s only natural to want to feel heard and validated when things that upset you. When healthy communication is enacted in a marriage, the two of you will be able to feel like your need for being heard has been met. It also helps present issues not turn into bigger issues down the road.

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2. Creates a safe-space: More often than not, marriages can fall into a routine of tiptoeing around the other when it comes to certain subjects. It’s almost like you’re both keeping secrets just to appease each other and not start a conflict. But, consistently being open about issues within your relationship can create a place of vulnerability and calm between the two of you. Having this comfort of never feeling judged around your partner helps in facilitating a safe space that allows both of you to confide in each other anytime something feels off.

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3. Helps in understanding one another: The most critical aspect of being open about your issues in a marriage is that it causes your partner to understand why you’re upset. Bad communication can cause one-sided perspectives that blind someone as to why their spouse is reacting the way they are. Sitting down and being open about your issues can help in understanding why something has caused an issue within your marriage. It strengthens a relationship and allows you both to understand each other’s point of view when something like this arises in the future.

What are some ways that being open in your marriage has helped you resolve conflict? Sound off below!