Cupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Discusses What Bugs Her About Husband Mike FisherCupid's Pulse Article: Carrie Underwood Discusses What Bugs Her About Husband Mike Fisher

Soul Surfer actress Carrie Underwood recently dished to E! Online about her relationship with husband Mike Fisher.  First on the list to discuss were Underwood’s pet peeves.  “[Fisher] loves the UFC fighting and he will DVR the fights and watch them like five times!” said Underwood.  “He’ll watch them and then I’ll get up for breakfast the next morning and he’s watching them again.  Then someone will come over and they have to watch it together! I’m like, ‘Really?'”  Although, Underwood admits she’s nearly as guilty.  “I think I nag a little more than I would like to, more than he would like me to,” she explained.  “I’m like, ‘Please take the trash out, please change the lightbulbs.  These are man things you should be doing.  I’ll make you brownies.’ “

How do you deal with habits that bug you about your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most couples can attest to the fact that dealing with your partner’s quirks can be difficult, even if the two of you aren’t living together.  Here are a few ways you can deal with those pet peeves:

1. Tough it out: While your partner’s habits may be irksome at first, if you will yourself to cope for a short while, you may eventually find that the habits no longer bother you. Be patient, and hopefully you can adjust.

2. Get some space: When your mate’s quirks become too much to handle, be sure to get some space. Allowing yourself some ‘you’ time will make being with your partner all the more enjoyable (and less bothersome) when the two of you are together again.

3. Point out the issue: If you’re still annoyed after trying to adjust to your partner’s habits, bring the issue to your his or her attention.  Instead of making him stop, ask him politely if he’ll consider toning down his habit.