Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Tyler Cameron Sets the Record Straight on Feelings for ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah BrownCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Tyler Cameron Sets the Record Straight on Feelings for ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown

By Hope Ankney

In celebrity news, The Bachelorette runner-up, Tyler Cameron, has officially set the record straight about where he stands with Hannah Brown. According to, the star popped on Twitter Wednesday to dismiss claims that he had been shading The Bachelorette star. What started with an accidental liking of a tweet shading Brown ended with Cameron writing a series of tweets defending her. Sharing how much respect he had for Brown, he stated …that girl deserves no shade and nothing but success. She empowers women and deserves all the accolades. She empowers women and created so much conversation on how women should be treated. I am grateful for our time together and all that I learned from her.

These celebrity exes are keeping their feelings positive all the way around. What do you do if your ex is throwing shade at you?

Cupid’s Advice:

When an ex decides to throw shade your way, it triggers an almost immediate emotional reaction. It’s hard to ignore the issue and not let it affect you or your behavior. It’s even worse if this ex has thrown something like this at you before. But, is it worth giving them the satisfaction of visibly showing how upset it made you? Not at all. Take a look at a few of Cupid’s suggestions for relationship advice on how to deal with an ex that is trying to shade you:

1. Delete their social media from your accounts: A big mistake people make is keeping their exes on their social media as friends, followers, etc. It not only keeps a break-up fresh, but it’s easy to go on their pages and keep up with their every move. Deleting them as friends or unfollowing their accounts will help you deal with an ex that might cryptically tweet about you or like shady tweets that could be indirectly addressed towards you. In fact, after wiping them away, you might not even know they’re doing it anymore.

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2. Take a breath: Taking a long, deep breath can do wonders for how you react towards an ex throwing shade. It’ll help you balance your composure by trying to keep your mind and body calm. And, if you feel like you need to respond, taking a moment to collect yourself and your thoughts before you reply can do wonders for how the entire situation will go.

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3. Surround yourself with positivity: There’s nothing worse than being alone or around negativity when an ex decides to throw something your way. The isolation and negative energy will only fuel you to respond with something you’ll regret later. When an ex is exhibiting this behavior, try and find friends full of positivity to surround yourself with. They’ll bring your mood up while further encouraging you and keeping you motivated to be above the nonsense.

How have you dealt with an ex that’s thrown shade at you? Tell us down below!