Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Brody Jenner is ‘Happy’ for Miley Cyrus & Ex Kaitlynn CarterCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Brody Jenner is ‘Happy’ for Miley Cyrus & Ex Kaitlynn Carter

By Hope Ankney

Three cheers for supportive exes! In celebrity news, Brody Jenner is speaking out about his ex, Kaitlynn Carter, and her new fling with Miley Cyrus. According to, Jenner is “happy that Kaitlynn’s moved on and found love.” The two celebrity exes, reportedly, have no hard feelings towards one another. They had a clean split that helped them to stay close friends, allowing Jenner to not be bothered by Carter and Cyrus’s relationship.

In celebrity news, Brody Jenner isn’t holding any ill will toward his ex, Kaitlynn Carter and her new relationship with Miley. What are some ways to keep jealousy at bay when your ex moves on?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Even Hollywood’s stars go through jealousy after break-ups. It’s a normal feeling to have, especially after seeing an ex with someone new. Jealousy can consume, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, Cupid has some relationship advice on how to keep the eye of jealousy away when your ex has moved on:

1. Distract yourself: Keeping one’s mind busy after seeing an ex with a new fling is an important step in keeping jealousy at bay. Distraction can be your best friend when all else fails, and you just need time to turn your brain off from it all. Throwing yourself into a new hobby, double-downing at work, or even spending more time with friends could be the perfect way to keep your mind from wandering to your ex and the person they’re with.

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2. Try to bring closure to the relationship: Many studies state that journaling, venting to loved ones, and creating arts and crafts are just some things that bring closure after a break-up. By creating a safe space where you can let out all your feelings without judgment, the less likely you’ll become jealous and act on that jealousy. It could also help you find out more about where this jealousy is stemming from, and how you can de-construct it.

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3. Embrace your ‘wins:’ Break-ups take such an emotional toll on us. It’s even worse when it seems like they’ve moved on before you. You’ve got to learn to let go by discovering all the ‘wins’ that the relationship gave you. By studying the positive sides of the relationships and understanding that those things were ‘wins’ to you even if the relationship ended, it helps you come to terms with the loss before jealousy overrides it. What did this person teach you about yourself? Did they encourage you to embrace something you wouldn’t have otherwise? That’s the ‘win’ that keeps the memory of the relationship positive.

Have you ever had to overcome jealousy after you saw an ex with someone new? How did you do it? Sound off in the comments below!