Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason SegelCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel

After being dumped by her sugar daddy, outspoken junior high teacher (Cameron Diaz) starts making drastic attempts to woo a studly colleague (Justin Timberlake). The Bad Teacher’s approach to getting his attention takes an unexpected turn as she slowly starts to get better at her job, and the decision causes her to be up against a highly respected co-worker.


Is it healthy to be in a relationship with a colleague?

Cupid’s Advice:

Every school has that cute teacher couple, but it’s not always as easy as they make it seem.  If you’re thinking about dating a colleague, Cupid has some things to consider:

1. Little privacy: When you’re dating someone you work with, there’s sure to be gossiping around the office.  Not only do your co-workers constantly see the two of you during the day, but you or your partner are sure to tell someone about your Friday night.  If you really want the relationship to work, look into transferring.  Otherwise, you’re sure to be the hot topic at the water cooler talk for a long time.

2. Pressure: If you think there’s pressure at work now, working with your significant other could do a number to your stress level that no deadline could. From wanting to look nice to being better at your job, you’ll find yourself focusing more on impressing your mate than getting any work done.

3. Awkward: Even though we avoid it all all costs sometimes, you have to look to the future.  What if you break up?  Having to see each other every day could be painful and awkward.  If your partner is really worth the risk, it won’t kill you to figure out a more healthy working situation.

Release date: April 4th, 2011
Cupid’s rating 4/5