Cupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison is Looking for Her Soul MateCupid's Pulse Article: Holly Madison is Looking for Her Soul Mate

Since her breakup with Jack Barakat last month, Holly Madison has been busy with her book, which hits stands next month, and as a correspondent for Extra.  However, the star of Holly’s World told People she is still looking for her soul mate. “It’s hard for me, the last couple relationships I had were long distance, [and] it’s not like I can make much of an effort to travel and see anybody,” Madison, 30, said.  “The guy had to do all the work, unfortunately.”  Madison’s Mr. Right, according to her, needs to be someone who is secure and not threatened by a successful woman. “He needs to be patient and somebody who knows where he wants the relationship to go,” she said. Until she finds this mystery man, Madison said she is content with flying solo.

What do you do if your partner is more successful than you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unless Madison robs the cradle and marries Justin Beiber, she’s going to be more successful than her partner. Cupid has some pointers if your lover is similar to Madison:

1. Put the ego aside: For some, typically men, it’s hard not to be the person who brings home the most money. With the current economy, any money you two earn is helpful.

2. Be proud: In your relationship, you should be supportive of your lover. What better way to show that than by letting him or her know how proud you are of them?

3. Unconditional love: In the big picture, if you truly love your “soul mate,” then money shouldn’t matter or play a factor in your relationship.