Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook Still Don’t Live Together 1 Year Into MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook Still Don’t Live Together 1 Year Into Marriage

By Ashley Johnson

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook gained attention in the latest celebrity news by rejecting traditional marriage norms. According to, they are still living separately after an entire year of marriage. Their lives and celebrity style keep them traveling and working in different locations, and ultimately apart from each other. While the celebrity couple has a rather unconventional living arrangement, it proves to have been successful, and the stars say that having their own space has worked well for them and their relationship.

In celebrity couple news, Kaley Cuoco is taking “unconventional” to the next level. What are some ways living with your partner can change your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

While Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook may be living separately, for now, they eventually plan on moving into their dream house. which is currently in the works. Living together can be a whole new world and a big step for a relationship, but Cupid has some relationship advice on how to deal with the ways living with your partner can change your relationship:

1. No privacy: You are perhaps going from seeing your partner at least once a week to seeing them at least once a day. Co-habitation means you and your partner will be sharing multiple spaces together, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. It is essential that you not only get comfortable sharing space and materials with your partner but also get comfortable sharing yourself with your partner. With a new lack of privacy, you and your partner will only learn more about each other and each other’s most personal habits, for better or for worse. Of course, no privacy does not mean you cannot set some boundaries for each other if you need to… and that can easily be done through honest communication!

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2. New fights: A new living arrangement means new rules. While you may be used to living one way, that is certainly not the only way to live. You and your partner may have different cleaning habits, sleep habits, monetary habits, etc., and it can take some time to adjust to. It is unlikely you two are going to agree on every single thing, but you can learn to find common ground. Whether it is figuring out household chores or household finances, you are going to have to sit down with your partner to make a reasonable plan for both of your well-being.

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3. More intimacy: Going to bed every night with your partner and waking up every morning together can create an important bond. Living together means your partner is going to be your “go-to” person. If you need a hug or just someone to sit and listen to a problem you are having, your partner is probably the first person you will run to. Whether it is through physical comfort or intimate conversations with each other throughout the day, you and your partner are definitely going to feel a whole lot closer to each other.

Can you think of any other ways living with your partner can change your relationship? Let us know in the comments below!