Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: 21 BridgesCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: 21 Bridges

By Katie Sotack

Chadwick Boseman and J.K. Simmons star in a new action thriller that’ll have you perched straight in your seat. Boseman plays an NYPD cop who uncovers a conspiracy surrounding two cop killers. The movie takes place in the course of one night where Boseman’s character becomes increasingly unsure of who to trust. As tensions rise and the chase goes on, the city closes down all 21 routes of escape from Manhattan to prevent the killers from fleeing.

21 Bridges is a star soaked, action-packed thriller that’ll leave you questioning who to trust and where to turn.

Should you see it: Avengers: Endgame directors had a hand in making this film and Chadwick Boseman stars. If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for its action scenes rather than it’s one-liner comedy and enjoy the shaky anticipation a good chase, check out this movie.

Who to take: This is a movie for the in-depth friend who can talk about anything and everything afterward at dinner.

Cupid’s Advice:

Knowing who to trust is not a science, but an art. Try as psychologists might, we can’t all be trained in the micro-twitches of a liar’s facial movements. Instead, think of trust as a building exercise. Here are relationship tips on establishing and maintaining trust.

1. Intuition: Security to the stars and traumatized victims, Gavin de Becker famously exclaimed to the world “Trust your intuition!” in his self-help book The Gift of Fear. Often read in self-defense classes and by women seeking ways to minimize attacks, the book is ultimately about relationships (both long term and immediate). The most essential advice from every chapter is, “trust yourself first and foremost.” Social niceties teach us to suppress our illogical worries, but your body and mind have intuitive reasons for that gut feeling. Next time you feel something ‘off’ in your relationship, speak up.

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2. Honesty: The number one way to establish trust is honest and open communication. This means intimacy and it can sound scary. Take the process one step at a time. The first few dates are not the time to confess that embarrassing time when you walked into a wall because you were nose-deep in your cell phone. Talk about your hopes and dreams to build gradual intimacy and add in the embarrassing or deeper feelings once trust has been established.

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3. Keep True: A far more practical take on the establishment of trust is by staying true to your word. If you promise to do something, make sure you stick to it. Think of it from your partner or friend’s perspective. Had they promised to pick you up at the airport but instead left you searching to find a cab, you’d feel cheated. Instances like this make a person seem unreliable and would encourage the receiving person not to trust the, with another task.

How do you experience trust in your relationships? Share in the comments below!