Cupid's Pulse Article: Ask the Guys’ Guy: How Much Is Too Much On Exes?Cupid's Pulse Article: Ask the Guys’ Guy: How Much Is Too Much On Exes?

By Robert Manni

Question from Mia B: Talking about exes with a new partner is important. How do you know when it’s the right time to bring up your past and how much information should you share?

Dating Advice: What You Should Tell Your New Partner About Your Ex

I have a theory about exes. By definition, they are no longer involved in your love life and there are reasons why. Every relationship is different, but if you see a pattern of the same issues cropping up relationship after relationship, it’s time to look inside and ask yourself if you are doing something to invite the same circumstances into your life. There is nothing wrong with a relationship that does not work out long-term. Breaking things off does not mean it was a failure. The way I looked at breakups is we had our time together and we moved on. In the long run, when you look back, it’s almost always a good thing that you moved on.

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The point is, exes are exes for a reason. It is not necessary to discuss them and past relationships in detail. It’s always better to start a new relationship or even a first date as a fresh start without baggage. If for whoever reason you need to discuss or rehash details of past relationships and why things did not work out, keep it short, be positive, and don’t play the blame game. There is no bigger buzz kill to potential suitors than listening to a new partner trash their ex. Everyone who hears this will put themselves in the position of the ex and wonder if they will be judged the same way.

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Of course we all have a past, but my advice is to tread carefully when discussing former partners. You’ll get better results by focusing on your new thing and the lessons learned from past relationships that went south.

Good luck.

Robert Manni

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Ask the Guys’ Guy: How Much Is Too Much On Exes?

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