Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple? ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Gushes Over Tyler Cameron After FinaleCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple? ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Gushes Over Tyler Cameron After Finale

By Bonnie Griffin

In the latest celebrity newsBachelorette Hannah Brown gushed over Tyler Cameron on Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to, Brown said, “he is pretty great” referring to Cameron. After a devastating break up with Jed Wyatt, it looks like Brown might be ready to give her ex, Cameron, another shot at a relationship.

With one break-up comes a new beginning for this soon-to-be celebrity couple. What are some ways to know whether to give your ex a second chance?

Cupid’s Advice:

For these reality tv stars, it is starting to look like they are going to be giving their romance a second chance. Sometimes time and space gives us a new perspective and makes us realize what we lost. Cupid has some advice to help you know when to give your ex a second chance:

1. You can see yourself with them as a part of your future: When you think about your ex do you picture the two of you together? Can you imagine what your life would be like as a couple in the future? These are signs you might want to give your ex a second chance. If you can honestly see them as your partner for life it is worth giving the relationship another shot.

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2. You’re happier with them: When you spend time with your ex are you happier than you are with anyone else? And being with them makes you happier than being single. Then give them a second chance. A little time apart to realize what you loved about them may be all you needed to make your relationship a lasting love.

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3. They made an effort to change: Consider why you broke up in the first place. Maybe they had a fear of commitment or they liked to party too much. If you see that they’ve made a solid effort and have changed those bad habits then a second chance at a relationship might be worth a shot.

What are some things that might make you consider giving your ex a second chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.