Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: Vacation in Egypt Like Kourtney KardashianCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destination: Vacation in Egypt Like Kourtney Kardashian

By Bonnie Griffin

Think outside the box next time you plan your next vacation! Egypt might not be the first travel destination on your mind, but it has a lot to offer. One glance at the marvelous Pyramids of Kourtney Kardashian’s recent vacation makes it clear. Egypt is a majestic vacation destination. You can visit historic Egypt or vacation in luxury along the Red Sea. The options are all beautiful and you will be ready to go back for more. Check out our travel advice!

Take your vacation to Egypt for your next travel destination!

When you think of Egypt you likely go straight to the Pyramids. Egypt has a lot more to offer. It has majestic historic vacation sights, beautiful beaches, and exquisite cuisine. Cupid has some travel tips for places to vacation in Egypt:

1. Cairo: Cairo is the largest city in Egypt. It is close to the famous pyramids found in Giza. It is at the center of historic Egypt. If you want to visit Egypt’s popular historic monuments and pyramids then Cairo is the place to stay so you can visit all the nearby historical artifacts like the Sphinx or pyramids, or travel up the Nile.

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2. Alexandria: Want to see another side of historic Egypt? You should take a trip to Alexandria. The city was founded by Alexander the Great and served as the capital during two different eras in Egypt: Macedonian and Roman-ruled Egypt. It is the beautiful home to ancient monuments of both Greek and Roman design.

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3. The beach: Want to go on a memorable beach vacation? Then look no further than Egypt’s the Red Sea. It houses luxury beach resorts along the east coast and the Sinai Peninsula. It is a great destination for scuba diving with its clear waters and historic shipwrecks.

4. The Nile: If you visit Cairo you have to make a trip to The Nile. The Nile is the longest river in the world and flows from south to north, something that is very rare. You can visit the Nile by land or water, with cruise ships that make their way around the area over three to five days or spend a few hours enjoying the Nile from land after a couple of hours riding in a car.


What are some historical sites you’d like to visit in Egypt? Let us know in the comments below.