Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Confronts Luke P. at ‘Men Tell All’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Confronts Luke P. at ‘Men Tell All’

By Katie Sotack

This season’s Bachelorette has been full of stories about Luke Parker. Yet, on Monday, Hannah Brown took the celebrity breakup narrative back and stood against Luke P’s red flag behavior. According to, Hannah said she was “over being slut-shamed” and apologized to Bachelor fans for keeping Parker’s face on their TVs for so long. Fellow contestants joined Hannah’s #LukePIsOverParty with Devin coming on stage to confront Luke’s need to control women to feel better about himself. As for Luke, he mostly minced words and contradicted himself in between commercial breaks.

In celebrity news, Bachelorette Hannah Brown faced Luke Parker after the explosive end to their relationship. What are some ways to get closure after a relationship ends?

Cupid’s Advice:

At the end of the relationship, there are steps to be taken to ease the painful process. Instead of wondering “what if?” find ways to deal with your feelings and move on. Here are relationship tips to find closure:

1. Wallow: In the wake of your devastating breakup give yourself permission to wallow for an allotted time period. Take Friday off and watch your favorite movies while binging on ice cream. Or, call up your mom and talk about what happened. Allow yourself to feel all the confusing and painful emotions that come with ending a relationship so that you can make peace inside your head.

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2. Seek socialization: After your weekend of wallowing, call your friends and go outside. Being around outside energy will widened your perspective and help you to see the world outside of your old relationship. Whether you want to go dancing or browse the local bookstore absorb the positive vibes around you and be mindful of the now.

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3. Talk to your ex: When the time comes, speak to your ex to find closure. This step should only be taken after you’ve processed the bulk of your emotions and can be trusted to converse calmly without blame or aggression. Meet for coffee or somewhere else public to discuss the demise of your situation. Go in knowing that the goal is not to get your relationship back but rather to hear out the other person and grow from their experience with you.

How do you find closure? Share in the comments below!