Cupid's Pulse Article: Health Trend: Natural DeodorantCupid's Pulse Article: Health Trend: Natural Deodorant

By Katie Sotack

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients in the little antiperspirant you use on your underarms? You wouldn’t be the first. The publicity over the last year between mental mindfulness and physical health has spiked a health trend in natural products like deodorants that don’t contain chemicals. But switching to an all-natural deodorant can take some getting used to.

The health trend of using natural deodorant is more than a one and done process. Learn about the transition before you jump ship to the unprocessed scent blocker.

Switching to natural deodorant is a patient game, but if you succeed the mainstream news says your health will be better in the longer run. Here are the facts and health tips and health advice on switching your odor stopper.

1. Deodorant Detox: The smell, at first, is not pleasant. Your body is used to deodorants with chemicals that block sweat and stink from coming out. Without a traditional deodorant, your body will need to purge itself. Basically, avoid planning a date the first month of the switch to be safe.

2. Sweat Stains: Natural deodorant is not an antiperspirant, meaning it will not stop the sweat. Without the aluminum salts and propylene glycol added in your pores are free to open. This is not a bad thing, considering sweat itself doesn’t smell, but rather the bad bacteria on your skin produces the odor. Still, if you tend to run on the moist side underneath, test out a lighter color shirt at home to see if you leave stains. Just like the odor detox, don’t be afraid to give your body some time to adjust.

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3. Health benefits: The big push to this health trend is avoiding the preservatives in processed deodorant. There’s been growing concern that the mainstream products cause Alzheimer’s and breast cancers. Though researchers have yet to find enough evidence to definitely prove the correlation, it’s enough to terrify some consumers.

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4. Longevity tips: Because of the detox factor, the odor-blocking will not last long in the beginning. On the first few days, it works approximately two hours at a time. That’s why it’s recommended that during the initial process the user carry to go deodorant wipes with them. These products can be found using natural formula as well and will take care of bad bacteria growth while you’re on the move.

5. Funk over time lessens: An ultimate benefit to natural deodorant is the long term scent booster. Aside from the aforementioned possibility of avoiding diagnoses, natural deodorant does not block pores. This means that after your month of smelling, the good bacteria on your skin will take over and reduce odor. This also allows your natural pheromones to shine through, which could, in turn, make you smell more attractive to some individuals.

How do you block the underarm scent? Share in the comments below!