Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Stephen Curry Defends Wife Ayesha After Internet Slams Her DancingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Stephen Curry Defends Wife Ayesha After Internet Slams Her Dancing

By Emily Green

In the latest celebrity news, Stephen Curry took to his Instagram story to defend his wife Ayesha Curry, after she posted a video of herself doing the “Milly Rock” dance to celebrate the opening of her International Smoke restaurant, according to Many people sent her negative comments criticizing her dancing and claiming she only wants attention. This celebrity couple was married in 2011 and been as strong as can be, supporting each other in all of their endeavors.

In celebrity news, Stephen Curry is standing up for his wife. What are some ways to stand up for your partner in the face of controversy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Standing up for your partner in any situation is the perfect way to show you are dedicated to them through thick and thin. Here are some of Cupid’s ways to stand up to the haters to support your partner:

1. Take it to social media: If people have started to talk negatively about your partner online, take to your own social media and express your love and devotion for your partner. Show that no matter what other people say, you love your partner no matter what people have to say.

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2. Make light of the situation: People take things too seriously nowadays! If people make fun of your partner dancing, dance silly with them! Life is too short to take everything so seriously, learn to live and enjoy the moment with the one you love the most!

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3. Make a grand gesture: Worried about your partner after this controversy? Show that you love them in any way possible- whether it’s announcing your love at a public event, or doing something special at an event, any gesture of love is sure to make their day.

What other things can you do to support your partner in the midst of haters? Let us know in the comments below!