Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Tyler C.’s Fantasy Suite Speech Made Him a ‘Bachelorette’ Fan FavoriteCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Tyler C.’s Fantasy Suite Speech Made Him a ‘Bachelorette’ Fan Favorite

By Bonnie Griffin

In the latest reality tv celebrity news, the hearts of The Bachelorette’s viewers have been taken by Tyler C. On the most recent episode, Hannah Brown revealed to Tyler that despite their intense physical chemistry, she wanted to put sex on hold while they built a stronger emotional bond. Tyler’s response, according to, was what stole fans’ hearts, saying, “I would never press you or pressure you at all.” Tyler clearly knows how to show a lady respect.

In celebrity news, Tyler C. stole the hearts of Bachelor Nation. What are some ways to know your partner respects you?

Cupid’s Advice:

The interaction between these reality tv stars shows us that chivalry is not dead, and respect is something everyone should expect from their partner. Cupid has some advice on ways to know your partner respects you:

1. They really listen to you: One great sign of respect is having a partner who listens to you. They don’t just hear what you say but are actively engaged in listening when you talk and they carefully respond after taking time to think things through.

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2. They are proud of you: When your partner respects you they are happy to be seen with you and proud of who you are as a person. They may want to take you to hang out with friends and family, and they will love sharing things about you with the people they care about because they are proud of you and proud to be with you.

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3. They take you seriously: From time to time, you may offer your partner advice. A partner who respects you won’t be afraid to ask for your advice, and they will carefully consider what you have to say and objectively take that advice and put it to good use. They will be thankful to have a partner who cares enough to offer advice that could lead them in a beneficial direction.

What are some ways you show your partner you respect them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.