Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Vacation: Make Your Anniversary Special With a Vacation Like Sofia Vergara & Joe ManganielloCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Vacation: Make Your Anniversary Special With a Vacation Like Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello

By Mara Miller

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are no strangers when it comes to showing their love for each other. This celebrity couple became an item in 2014 and married the following year. Most recently, they jetted off to Positano, Italy for a celebrity vacation to celebrate their five-year dating anniversary. It’s important to show your partner how much you love them and to celebrate important dates like Vergara and Manganiello, but how do you make it special?

Here is how to make your own anniversary with your partner special like Sofia and Joe’s celebrity vacation dating anniversary!

Even if you decide not to jet off to Italy like Vergara and Manganiello for your own anniversary with your partner, there are still ways to make it special:

1. A mini-getaway: Celebrate your dating anniversary with your partner by whisking them off to the beach for a mini getaway, no matter what time of year. Somewhere along the beach in Virginia or the Carolinas, for example, is surprisingly tame in the off-season and you can’t beat some of the great hotel prices. You might not be able to swim outside, but you’ll still be able to enjoy a walk on the beach together.

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2. Take them to a restaurant they’ve been dying to try: Has your partner been dying to try a restaurant a few states over because of their excellent ratings? Plan a day to drive them to a restaurant they’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t tried yet because it’s either too far or too pricey. If it’s a higher-end restaurant, you might want to save for it, but it will be worth it to spend the night dining with your partner.

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3. Save up for a larger vacation: Has your partner really wanted to travel to Europe, but you’ve just never had the time or money to travel? Why not save up and go on your anniversary? It can be anywhere in the world–Italy, France, England, Spain–the possibilities are endless. Just be sure to check travel guidelines in the country you’re planning to visit because some may require a tourist travel visa and your passport will need to be valid for so many months before you can enter the country. Flights can be up to $2000 dollars as well, so you’ll want to start planning with a budget that will allow you to cover flight costs as well as lodging and a rental vehicle.

4. Rent a cabin for the weekend: If your sweetie is more of the outdoorsy type, renting a cabin for the weekend is a way to have a home away from home. Some cabins will even let you bring your dog(s)! Cozy up by a great fire if it’s for winter, or explore activities in the area like hiking or other sight-seeing options.

5. Take a craft or cooking class: Nothing brings people together like food or learning a new craft. The options on what kind of craft are endless, from decorative crafts with pottery making or a decorative craft like painting stained glass. Not the best cooks together? A cooking class can help you and your partner learn more about the art of making food, from the basics of putting together a batch of pretzels to cooking your own gourmet meal. No matter what you choose, it’s sure to be special, and make you and your partner closer!

Do you have any other ways you can make your anniversary with your partner special? Let us know in the comments below!