Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Cuddle Comfortably with Signature Sleep MattressesCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Cuddle Comfortably with Signature Sleep Mattresses

By Jessica DeRubbo

There’s nothing worse than a rough night’s sleep that leads to a cranky morning and a long day ahead. Are you sick of sleeping on your old, lumpy mattress with your partner tossing and turning at your side? Just as we all have our own personal styles, it stands to reason that there’s a signature mattress style out there for each of us as well. Cuddle comfortably with your partner and get a good night’s sleep with a Signature Sleep mattress.

In this product review, learn how a Signature Sleep mattress can bring your resting game to the next level.

If there’s anything you don’t want to sacrifice, it’s a good night’s sleep. To this effect, Signature Sleep mattresses provide “comfort without compromise.” Their mattresses are excellent quality, and are durable and affordable. With 50+ years in the sleep industry and over one million mattresses sold last year, the brand has a 4+ stars rating and guarantees their product with up to a 15 year warranty. The best part is that there are a multiple styles to choose from based on the following attributes:

1. Natural materials: With the Signature Sleep Honest collection, you can get a good natural sleep. These are handcrafted in California with ethically-sourced organic materials. We tried the 7″ Natural Wool Mattress with Organic Cotton and Micro Coils. It’s made with USDA Certified organic cotton and oeko-tex certified chemical free natural wool and provides superior pressure relief, effective support and motion transfer technology, and is a natural moisture and temperature regulator. Plus, it’s a natural purifier and humidifier because it includes a bonus mattress protector with Aloe Vera fibers.

2. Standard Coil option: If you’re traditional and get your best night’s sleep on a timeless coil style mattress, the Standard Coil option is for you. It’s made with spring coils that provide consistent support and proper weight balance, and it’s topped with CertiPUR-US® certified foam.

3. Independent Encased Coil option: If you want a high-performance independently encased coil system that provides edge-to-edge support and eliminates motion transfers, this mattress style is a good choice.

4. Memory Foam: Known to be ultra-comfortable mattresses, Signature Sleep’s CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam option adapts to the contours of the body to provide balanced support and eliminate motion disturbance so you can enjoy a comfortable and restorative sleep. The memory foam recovers quickly to maintain shape over time.

5. Hybrid technology: If you just can’t decide which style is the best for you and multiple styles combined sounds like a better option, incorporate Signature Sleep’s Hybrid Technology in your mattress. They combine CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam with a layer of high performance independently encased coils that provide optimal support while reducing motion transfer.

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6. Nanobionic® materials: Some of Signature Sleep’s mattress styles use Nanobionic materials, which contain restorative properties. The unique patented coating promotes quality of sleep and improves the recovery process while sleeping.

Here are some other ways Signature Style provides mattresses above the rest:

One size doesn’t fit all: Spread out with your partner in a king sized mattress, or get cozy by yourself in a twin. Signature Sleep has twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sized options. They also have toddler/crib mattresses available.

They’re affordable: According to research based on the Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam best-selling mattress, your “cost per snooze” is about 19 cents. Considering your daily coffee shop trip with your partner can cost $5+, this is a small price to pay.

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Warranties let you sleep easy: Up to 15 years of warranty allows you and your partner to rest easy. If something goes wrong and the quality of the mattress doesn’t match your expectations, your warranty has your back.

There are plenty of ways to add to your signature style: Whether it’s a power adjustable bed, a platform bed, a sleeper sofa, foundations and bed frames, pillows, or mattress toppers, Signature Sleep has add-ons that can enhance your signature sleep style.

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