Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Marriage: Find Out More About Miley Cyrus’ Marriage to Liam HemsworthCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Marriage: Find Out More About Miley Cyrus’ Marriage to Liam Hemsworth

By Bonnie Griffin

In celebrity news, Miley Cyrus opens up to Elle magazine about her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. After nearly a decade of dating, the celebrity couple was married last December. According to, Cyrus told Elle that her “relationship is unique.” Cyrus prefers the use of the term “partners” when she describes her marriage to Hemsworth instead of the common “husband” and “wife” references because their marriage is new and complex, and far from the norm.

This celebrity marriage is anything, but typical just like Miley. What are some ways remain unique inside your own marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Miley Cyrus admits to still loving to dress and be sexual even as a married woman, although she does not care about the attention of other men at all. Being married does not mean that you have to lose what makes you your own person. Cupid has some tips for remaining your unique self after marriage:

1. Recognize your own emotions: You need to learn to establish a sense of self to feel whole, something that is key in a romantic relationship. Sometimes it can get easy to get caught up in your partner’s emotions and they can muddy your own. Some good ways to do this include daily meditation or taking time to calmly breathe for a few minutes every day and just focus on yourself.

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2. Take time to yourself: Being in a relationship doesn’t mean all your time has to be spent together. You had a life before your partner and friends and hobbies. Take time out every month or couple of weeks to go out on your own with your friends and enjoy life.

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3. Be independent, not co-dependent: A relationship won’t be truly fulfilling if you put all of the weight of your happiness on your partner’s shoulders. When you are comfortable being independent in your relationship then you are happy when you’re with your partner, but you’re also able to be happy on your own.

What are some ways you stay true to your unique identity in a relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.