Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Make Your Skin GlowCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Make Your Skin Glow

By Katie Sotack

The beauty community is trading out the matte look for a dewy finished glow. This beauty trend pairs with rosy nude lips and bronzed eyes to create that sun-kissed-summer aesthetic. The idea behind the glow is going back to basics and certainly plays into the neutral palate seen on the fashion runway these days. The trend is easily achievable, as it’s meant to be a grab-and-go look, and tending to your skin’s health is essential. Check out our new beauty advice!

A natural glow is the beauty trend of the season, but is your skin healthy enough to pull off this radiance?

Depending on your skin’s regular state, you may have to do more work to achieve this style. If your skin is naturally oily, you’re already primed and prepped for a natural glow with the swipe of an oil blotting sheet. If your skin runs on the dry side, there are ways to achieve that desired glow that also aides your health. Here are beauty tips to glow like the star you are:

1. Drink water: It’s been said again and again, but water is essential to your organs’ health. Considering that the skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s wise to start drinking lost of H2O. Keep a bottle filled next to you throughout the day ,and you’ll find yourself reaching for sips naturally. Added hydration can be found in fruits and vegetables. Of course, you’ll also need to use the restroom just as often as you’re sipping, but no one will notice since your skin will look great.

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2. BB cream: This one’s essential for the makeup wearers out there. If you want a full face and radiant skin, opt for a BB cream. The lightweight formula will pick up the high points of your natural skin and create an effortless effervescence. It’s important to make sure the cream is of a dewy or regular finish though. Steer clear of any matte formulas.

3. Exfoliate and clean: It’s so important to develop a cleansing routine. The best makeup and health in the world can not outlast a face full of grime. Pick out a cleanser that suits your skin (don’t be afraid of trial and error here) and a scrub to exfoliate once in a while. You’ll want to partake in the scrub more often if you have dry skin. Last but not in any way least, remove your makeup before bed. All that foundation will creep into your pores and produces acne, bumps, and blackheads if you don’t remove it.

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4. Highlight: Beauty gurus of any status rejoice. The glowing skin trend sees that you get to keep your highlighters and in fact embrace them all the more. It’s called glow for a reason, right? Pop that gold, pink, or silver highlight on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the tip of your nose. That glowing goddess is going to shine.

5. Moisturize: Depending on your age and skin type, you may want to do more or less of this. But whether your 20 and oily or 99 and dry, everyone needs a moisturizer. A good face lotion will prevent wrinkles and aide in a beautiful glow. Find one with SPF  in it (no matter what your skin tone is) to rock as a bare-faced beauty outside.

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6. Exercise: Oh the wonders of fitness. It’s difficult to work into your life, but a good workout will change it. Exercise is your body’s best friend and the skin is no exception. Working out will reduce pore size and help to regulate hormones so that the body will produce the correct amount of oils. Even a short walk will do the trick and have the added results of a calmer mind. There are many ways to imitate a natural glow, but exercise is a foolproof way to own one.

7. Sleep: Along with the endless benefits to sleep, the skin will become healthier if you get your full eight hours. Just like you, your skin grows weary of endless days and work. Give it a rest by getting all your Zzz’s. Sleep will prevent eye bags and wrinkles, giving a smoother, youthful appearance to your face.

What’s your skincare routine? Will you add any of these suggestions? Share your comments below!