Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bring the Beach to YouCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Bring the Beach to You

By Sarah Ribeiro and Bonnie Griffin

Escape the cold winter months and bring the beach to you. Have your own island getaway with this date idea by planning a romantic and private stay-cation. Create your own blissful date night with your private beach island.

Date Idea: Create your own beach for date night and build your own island getaway!

The first step for this amazing date weekend is to crank up the heat in your house. Forget about how chilly it is outside by keeping your thermostat set to summer temperatures. You and your sweetheart can pretend you’re on the beach while lounging around in each other’s arms, blasting Bob Marley and dreaming of the sunshine. To really relax, dim the lights and lead each other in a soothing yoga and meditation session.

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For dinner, enjoy grilled pork and pineapple kebabs and picture yourself in paradise. To really set the mood, keep a beach-themed film on in the background; ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is a great romantic comedy set in Hawaii. After you’re finished eating, head back to the kitchen and have a friendly dessert-making competition with your partner: prepare the most tropical dessert you can think of, like key lime pie, fried ice cream or chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons. For something a bit easier, keep a bowl of fruit handy and feed each other. Passion fruit is tropical and in season in January, and it tastes great cubed and frozen.

For some added fun, turn your bathtub into a Jacuzzi. You and your honey can soak in the tub, drinking piná coladas and margaritas. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to plan a real vacation together. Grab some travel brochures or pull up a travel website, pick out your favorite tropical locations and consider what activities you can do there: horseback riding in Hawaii, nightclubbing in Ibiza, hang gliding in Brazil. Figure out ways that you and your sweetheart can start saving up for your romantic getaway.

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After a nice long soak, break out the coconut oil and give your love a tropical spa treatment: spread some beach towels on the bed and take turns giving each other massages. Find your favorite massage bar at — their Heavanilli bar is made specifically for the bedroom. If you want a challenge, create your own home spa treatments, like a simple seaweed wrap, or try a home-made facial with fresh fruit, olive oil or yogurt. No matter what, keep each other pampered in true vacation style.

Have any ideas for a faux beach getaway? Let us know in the comments.