Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Nude LipsCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Trend: Nude Lips

By Katie Sotack

The beauty community’s biggest beauty trend this season has been a natural look. Celebrity stylists like NikkeTutorials and red carpet stars like Zendaya have been showing off their shining beauty with dewy foundations and shadow sculpting eye shadow. No natural beauty look is complete without a brilliant nude lip. No longer are the trendsetters sporting beige and brown liquid lipsticks. Rather, they’ve switched to soft colors that scream radiance and enhance the graceful features that lie within us all.

Long gone are the days of bold makeup palates. It is time we welcome 50 shades of rosy tan into our makeup bags with this beauty trend.

Since Beyonce sang “I woke up like this” in 2014, the beauty standard has been shifting to a “goddess of nature” look. Think sun-soaked and au naturel in a way that amplifies your strong suits. To complete this look there’s no better friend to the makeup lover than a rosy natural lip. Here’s advice on how to get the look:

1. Sheer lip gloss: The simplest way to archive the perfect nude lip is by applying a clear enhancing gloss to your lips. These glosses can be found almost anywhere, from drug stores to Sephora and Ulta, and are perfect to slip in with your on-the-go makeup essentials. The clear coat will have the added effect of making your lips look voluptuous while playing up the notes of your true color underneath.

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2. Tinted balm: Say hello to your middle school days when fun chapsticks made you the coolest kid on the playground. The adult version of this is the tinted balm. The balm will melt into your natural color, letting it highlight your lip beneath. In going this route there’s no fear of not having to match your perfect shade. Everything will customize itself to you. Not to mention the health benefits like SPF and moisturizing your lips.

3. Nipple color: Just give this a chance. A while back Buzzfeed‘s Youtube page released a video on finding your perfect rosy nude lip by matching the lipstick shade to the peaks of your breasts. The idea might sound like a quick gambit to amp up views, but the results spoke for themselves. It makes sense too since your body’s natural color palette is a safe road to travel if you want to achieve that rolled out of bed look.

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4. Opt out of matte: The matte trend has had its time. Props to mattes for bringing us long-lasting liquid lips, but it’s time to put the dry look to rest. If you want the natural look, embrace any and all rosy lip products that give the illusion you’ve just been to the beach. The sun’s rays have graced your lips and you’ve taken one last dip in the ocean before heading home. In short, think rosy and wet.

Are you a fan of the new nude? What are your tips and tricks to finding the perfect lip? Share in the comments below!