Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Ready or NotCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Ready or Not

By Bonnie Griffin

In Ready or Not, a bride’s wedding night takes an unexpected turn when her new in-laws convince her to play a sinister game. Ready or Not, starring Samara Weaving as Grace and Andie MacDowell as Becky Le Domas, is about a new bride who finds out that her new family has a terrifying way of accepting new people into their family. If she’s not careful, what she thought was a simple game of hide-and-seek could be her first and last night as a new member of the Le Domas family. This movie shows you don’t really know people until you make them family. Check out our movie review.

Check out our movie review on Ready or Not, a thriller that gives a new meaning to wedding night fun!

Should you see it: If you are a fan of thrillers, then Ready or Not will be right up your alley. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat as Grace fights to stay alive on her wedding night where she learns that her in-laws have sinister secrets. Grab the popcorn and a friend to hold onto tight, this one is going to be a thrilling ride.

Who to take: Ready or Not is rated R and will make a great movie for date night so you can hold your partner tight in your arms. It’s also great for a friends night out for you and your thrill-seeking friends.

Cupid’s Advice:

In Read or Not, Grace is excited to get to know her new in-laws on her wedding night. Little did she know the terrifying door she was walking through when they tell her they are having game-night and she draws the hide-and-seek card. It can be hard to really know people and what they are capable of, and that can be a scary thought especially when those people are going to become your family. Cupid has some advice on getting to know your in-laws before the wedding night:

1. Invite them to dinner: You’re gaining a new extended family after you marry your partner. If you live near your future in-laws it would be good to meet and get to know them before your big day. Invite them to dinner on occasion so you can learn about them and they can learn about you. You want to build your relationship with them because you’ll be family forever once you say, “I do”.

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2. Spend time with them without your partner: In some cases, your partner’s family might act on their best behavior when your partner is around making it hard to really get to know them. Spend some time with them on your own to get to know who they are when your partner isn’t around. Invite them out for lunch or on a shopping trip.

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3. Understand that you may not get along: In an ideal world everyone would love their in-laws and get along with them, but that isn’t always the case. If you don’t get along with your future in-laws make peace and try not to take it out on your partner. If you don’t get along, be respectful and courteous when you have to attend family functions. There is no rule that says you have to love every new person you meet, and this includes extended family and in-laws.

What are some ways you spend time with your in-laws to build your relationship? Share your thoughts below!