Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Vacation Destinations for a Girls’ GetawayCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Tips: Vacation Destinations for a Girls’ Getaway

By Katie Sotack

Life’s been hectic lately. The muscles in your shoulder are so knotted you can’t lift your arm over your head. Your brain’s always on overdrive in an effort to match your racing heart. Your body sending you a message. The rhythm of routine responsibility is too overwhelming and there’s no better way to unwind than travel with a good vacation destination. It’s time for a getaway with your gal pals at a popular vacation spot!

Get ready for the fun, relaxing getaway you’ve been craving. Here’s how to find a vacation destination that’s right for your girl group.

Grab your bikini and suntan lotion! These are travel tips for the hot spots during a fun-fueled vacation.

1. San Diego, CA: Rated among the top ten fittest cities in the world, San Diego is perfect for the exercise-loving girl gang. The beautiful weather and coastal beaches are perfect for hiking, biking, and swimming. While you’re there consider taking a group surfing lesson and returning home with a new skill.

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2. Fort Lauderdale, FL: If your style is more along the lines of bad and boujee head out to Fort Lauderdale. Take after Elizabeth Taylor’s celebrity vacation where there are endless opportunities to relax in this a glamorous getaway. The Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment district will keep you busy for days with a metropolitan and cultural vibe.

3. Martha’s Vineyard, MA: Try beaches as a classy affair. Seen as the prime vacation destination in Gilmore Girls, Martha’s Vineyard is famous for an upper-class getaway with beautiful beaches aligned with houses to rent for a weekend. Bring your wallet though, because the shops and top-notch restaurants cannot be missed.

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4. New Orleans, LA: Take a tip from Tiffany Haddish and friends from the movie Girls Trip. After a screening of this film take your crew on the dream nightlife getaway that is New Orleans. End your nights at early morning with the region’s famous Cajun cuisine.

Where are you going with your girlfriends? Share in the comments below!