Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Front Runner Jed’s Ex Details Heartbreak & Being GhostedCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: ‘Bachelorette’ Front Runner Jed’s Ex Details Heartbreak & Being Ghosted

By Katie Sotack

In celebrity news, Bachelorette front runner Jed had a girl at home when he left for the show and broke her heart. Jed and his ex, Haley Stevens, are both country singers who fell in love before Jed was accepted onto The Bachelorette. According to, Jed went on the show as a way to publicize his music, and Haley didn’t want to hold him back from any show biz opportunity. However, the six weeks of filming and two weeks after with no phone call from Jed devastated Haley. When the ex celebrity couple ran into each other at CMA Fest, few words were exchanged and Haley knew they were finished.

In celebrity news, all may not be as it seems with Bachelorette favorite Jed Wyatt. What are some ways to know if your new partner is being genuine?

Cupid’s Advice:

When falling in love there’s no guarantee. The possibility of pain is around every corner. However there are tell tale signs that your partner is the real deal. Here is dating advice on how to tell if they’re leading you on:

1. Listen to your gut: First things first, always listen to your gut. If there’s a nagging feeling from something primal in your body, it’s probably right. Do a little investigative work into what instinct is telling you.

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2. Listen to what they’re really saying: If you find yourself in a Haley situation, where your partner is saying ‘I love you’ but keeping the door to others open: actions speak louder than words. Some people will say anything to keep something good around, but remember that the way someone treats you is the true test to if they value you.

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3. Listen to others: So your friends and family raise an eyebrow every time you tell a story about your flailing significant other. Clearly they think this partner’s not good enough for you. If their reasons go beyond the shallow (ie: money, looks, etc.) then put stock into what they’re saying. They want someone to treat you right even more than you do.

How do you detect if your partner’s being genuine? Share in the comments below!