Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: MBTBUDS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for the Beach!Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: MBTBUDS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for the Beach!

By Mara Miller

Summertime is here, and that means…THE BEACH! We all have essentials we need when packing for a summer getaway like towels, bathing suits, snacks, and shoes. Tiny travel tip: if you’re even slightly attached to your phone, you’ll want it next to you while you soak up the sun and the fresh sea air. While some phones have waterproofing, who would want to risk getting their expensive piece of tech caught in a tide? And, let’s not even mention the havoc seawater could wreak on your laptop’s delicate internals if you want to enjoy the latest Taylor Swift or Katy Perry singles.

Wireless earbuds are a great option when you need a getaway to the beach. In this product review, check out the McAlley Wireless Earbuds so you can safely keep your tech tucked away from the water.

These Bluetooth earbuds are unique because they are magnetized. They sit together around your neck like a necklace so you can take a jog on the beach or play volleyball without worrying about losing them. They are turned off when they’re magnetized. When un-magnetized, the earbuds turn on.

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You might need to give the earbuds a few seconds to pair with your device before you can use them. This is normal for any Bluetooth device, so be patient. They’re lightweight and won’t weigh you down like heavier wireless over-the-ear headphones, which might not fare as well at the beach.

Even better: these wireless earbuds are water resistant. You might not be able to go into the ocean with them, but you can at least enjoy digging your toes into the wet sand while waves splash over your feet. In everyday use, during either your commute to work or jogging, they will also resist water if it rains.

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The earbuds have eight hours of talk time, six hours of playtime, and 150 hours of standby time. The package comes with three earbud sizes so they are comfortable while you wear them. They charge in one to two hours through MicroUSB.

These MBTBUDS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are $60 and can be purchased on Amazon.

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